10 Times Farrah Abraham Got Roasted by Commenters

Former Teen Mom OG cast member Farrah Abraham has been a regular targets from haters for years

No matter what she does, fans of the MTV reality series seem to call her out on it.

Make matters, Abraham keeps making controversial moves in her life and career that just add more fuel to the fire.

Sometimes there’s just baseless bashing, but sometimes the fans have some valid points that sting hard.

From her parenting of daughter Sophia to her erotic cam career, here are five times Abraham got roasted by commenters for her actions.

Slide 1 of 10The Brazilian Butt Doctor

Abraham gets bashed a lot for her plastic surgery, and her April photo with the “Brazilian Butt Doctor” stoked the fires.

He shared some photos with Dr. Miami, and thanked him for her nose job at a red carpet event. Haters soon filed into her Twitter replies to bash her nose job, and they didn’t pull any punches.

“I’d try to get your money back,” one fan wrote.

Another one added, “Holy Scarecrow!!!! What did you do to your face???”

Slide 2 of 10Sophia’s Swimsuit
(Photo: Instagram / @farrah__abraham)

Abraham’s daughter is always a sensitive subject for fans. Many Teen Mom viewers see Abraham as a neglectful parent and as a bad influence.

These feelings came front-and-center when the MTV personality shared the above shot that showed Sophia in bikini bottoms. Many thought she was trying to sexualize Sophia, who was only 8 years old at the time.

“Put some clothes on that baby,” one user wrote. “(What the hell) is wrong with her?”

Another added, “Whatever helps her stay relevant, including exploiting her child even further. Showing your daughters butt on Insta, should be ashamed.”

Slide 3 of 10Vacationing

During the same vacation the previous shot was taken, Abraham came under fire for her parenting again.

The Teen Mom OG cast member runs a social media profile for Sophia, and shared several photos from the family’s vacation.

Commenters chimed in saying that Sophia should be focusing more on school as opposed to travelling with her mother.

“Shouldn’t your kid be in school instead of being groomed as the next embarrassment to your family?” one detractor wrote.

Another added, “Your child should be in school instead of social media. Damn Farrah.”

Slide 4 of 10Webcam Debut

Abraham has starred in pornography before, and she’s recently returned to the medium as an erotic cam model. As you’d image, Teen Mom fans were less than thrilled about the cam sessions.

Most shamed the young mom for doing an erotic show because it would set a bad example for her daughter. Many also reminded her that Sophia could face bullying or embarrassment because of the cam video.

“I can’t help but feel like your daughter will just be so embarrassed by you some day,” one follower wrote. “I feel so bad for her. You can spoil her with all the materialistic things in the world but when it comes right down to it you’re making a fool of yourself and someday she’s going to see her mother diddling herself all over the internet.”

Another user wrote, “No hate, just reality, would you wanna see your mom’s bits all over the internet?”.

Slide 5 of 10Kendall Jenner Comment

One recent social media controversy centered around her throwing shade at models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

The Teen Mom OG personality’s posted an In Touch Weekly article that said her appearance at L.A. Fashion Week had the potential to leave Jenner and Hadid “shook.”

Her followers, many of which are fans of the supermodels, took offense at the insinuation and started clapping back.

“Bahaaaa 😂Kendal and Gigi shook by Farrah?” one critic wrote. “They probably don’t even know who she is!🤷🏻‍♀️”

Another user wrote, “Lols I’m not even shook by you.”

Slide 6 of 10Butt Injections

Abraham is notoriously open about her plastic surgeries or other medical procedures. However, one moment arguably crossed the line, according to Teen Mom 2 castmate Kailyn Lowry.

Abraham got Sophia to film her butt injection procedure, and Lowry just could not handle it.

“Yet I’m mom shamed for being on vacation when my kids are with their dads. What kind of s— ,” Lowry wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

Slide 7 of 10Walkout Promo

In April, Abraham posted a video with Sophia to promote the national school walkout to protest school shootings, and fans were not happy with her decision to pull her out of school for the day.

“Do you have any friends besides your daughter who doesn’t know any better?” one user wrote. “Kid needs to be in school and socialize because she’s not developing mentally with her peers, that’s obvious!!”

To make matters worse, the post was an ad for a company specializing in classroom locks.

“I would respect you more if you actually mean this, but you are getting paid to say this,” one user wrote.

Slide 8 of 10Sophia’s Bubbly Beverage
sophia abraham
(Photo: Instagram/Sophia Abraham)

In May, Abraham was on vacation and treated her daughter to a glass of “bubbly apple juice.” However, many fans assumed it was actually an alcoholic beverage.

“I’m sorry is that champagne?” one concerned commenter wrote.

Another sarcastic user added, “Such a brilliant example for other kids who follow Sophia.

Slide 9 of 10First Class
farrah abraham daughter in shower
(Photo: Instagram/Sophia Abraham)

On June 1, Abraham shared the above shot of her 9-year-old daughter to show off their first-class luxuries, but it did not end so well.

“The best reason for first class after an all nighter sleep over in Dubai,” Abraham wrote.

Fans were quick to jump on the shot, which many saw as inappropriate.

“Wow what an inappropriate picture,” one person wrote. “You really do test others Farrah don’t you? I would NEVER post this of my child.”

Slide 10 of 10Arrest

Abraham was arrested on June 13 after an altercation at a Beverly Hills hotel. 

She was taken into custody 1:48 a.m. PT after an allegedly striking a hotel worker. After a heated exchange, police booked her for battery and trespassing.

Onlookers quickly took to Twitter to share their dissatisfaction with the scandal. They jumped into the replies of her latest week, which was about Abraham’s recent book My Teenage Dream Ended.

“Lmao writing a book about how great you are, didn’t you just get arrested?” one person wrote. 

Another added, “How sad that Sophia sees all your bad habits and you got arrested this morning for slapping a worker at the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

Abraham was since been released from jail. She has also released a statement saying that Sophia is her “#1 priority” and “that there are two sides to every story.”

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