12 Years’ Slave Screenwriter Will Reinvent Batman


DC is preparing an ambitious new Batman comic for 2021, where Bruce Wayne will not be the hero behind the black knight’s mask. Apparently, the bat’s mantle will be in charge of a person of color.

Revealed on DC FanDome’s Legacy of the Bat panel, 12-year-old Slave screenwriter John Ridley will join Nick Derington, the artist responsible for Doom Patrol, to create a 4-volume series, with a title yet to be revealed. You can check below one of the covers made by the artist Ladronn.

Art by Ladronn.  (Image Credit: DC)
Art by Ladronn. (Image credits: DC)

DC does not want to reveal Batman’s new identity, but Ridley has guaranteed that there is a very strong chance that Batman will be a person of color.

What we already know is that the new Batman is linked to the Lucius Fox family, which may suggest that it is Lucius’ son who takes on the mantle of Batman. Luke previously wielded Batwing’s armed suit, so it wouldn’t be a debut in the heroic deeds department.

Giving a small glimpse of the plot of the new comic, Ridley said that Lucius’ family has always had secrets, even among their own members, also warning that this Batman will have a different dynamic than we are used to.

Bruce Wayne fans can rest assured that DC has confirmed that this version will coexist with the James Tynion IV edition. For now it is not clear whether the Ridley and Derington universe will develop in the traditional DCU universe or in an alternative timeline.

Ridely is not a newcomer to the DC Universe, having already signed books like The Authority: Human on the Inside and a short story that will be part of the Batman: The Joker War Zone Special collection. In addition, Ridely is the author of The Other History of the DC Universe, a Black Label series that examines the history of the DC universe from the perspective of minority heroes like Black Lightning, Herald and Renee Montoya.

DC has already promised to reveal more details during the second FanDome event, scheduled for September 12, in the panel Batman: The Joker War. Until then, it is with the gameplay of the new Batman Gotham Knights.

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