15 Life Tips From Readers

Last week I posted 9 “life tips” I plan to go all the way down to any potential youngsters I’ll have some day. You readers commented with some of your personal ideas—which most of us could be sensible to heed.

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After the soar, 15 of your greatest life ideas.

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  1. Never go away your cellphone in your again pocket once you use the toilet.
  2. A bowl of lemons or inexperienced apples makes a good looking centerpiece.
  3. Put deodorant in your ft within the spots the place your sneakers rub about ten minutes earlier than you set in your sneakers. Voila! No blisters! And deodorant on the insides of your thighs helps sweating/chub rub throughout mini-skirt season.
  4. Always deliver one thing to a celebration, even when it’s a bag of ice!
  5. Coronas don’t float. Cans of beer do.
  6. Bread helps to melt brown sugar (positioned within the bag).
  7. Baby wipes and salt water will clear up something and are nice to have in a smelly pinch.
  8. Before you make a giant resolution, sleep on it first.
  9. If you get toothpaste in your shirt, change. No matter how a lot water you utilize to attempt to get it off, a white mark at all times appears to stay.
  10. Movie popcorn is so unhealthy. Buy a giant purse and sneak a microwave bag in as an alternative.
  11. Get a giant or unusual-sized keychain for your own home keys. It will aid you discover them in your purse.
  12. Always maintain your financial institution accounts separate. Having a joint account is okay so long as you continue to have your personal.
  13. Drinks heaps and plenty of water. It retains you hydrated and does wonders on your pores and skin.
  14. Make your self do issues that take you out of your consolation zone. You will probably be a greater particular person for it.
  15. Send a thank-you card after any interview. It often makes the distinction between two equally competent candidates.

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Original by Wendy Atterberry

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