19 Exercises That’ll Give Your Tummy A Major Makeover

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After kids and daily stress, you may have noticed your tummy growing larger than in your younger days. Fret no more — you still have time to transform that core from flab to fab with our flat abs makeover. Incorporate these 19 core-sculpting moves into your fitness routine while coupling it with a clean diet and watch your chiseled midsection emerge. Abs after baby really are possible!

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1. Stability Ball V-Pass: 

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This is a surefire way to trigger your core muscles with an added glutes and hamstrings bonus. This is a crunch made fun with the ball pass element. Get details on this move here.

2. Side Plank Thread the Needle:


Engage your entire core in plank mode with an added emphasis on the love handles with this side plank with movement. Use weights, a water bottle or even can of food for added strength training. No equipment (excuses) needed! Learn this move here.

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5. Forearm Plank: 


This is a core exercise that focuses on little movement while isolating core muscles. Increasing the time that you can hold this plank is a great indicator of improved core strength. Learn how to do this plank here.

6. Russian Twist with Kettlebell:


The added weight takes the Russian twist up a notch, but you can also use a hand weight or water bottle. Or you can modify the move to make it a little easier with no weight at all until you’re ready to progress! For more information, click here.

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9. Plank Tuck Twist:

plank tuck twist

Grab that ball and get ready for another fun but challenging twist on the plank that also focuses on the lower belly (where we all tend to hold a little more pooch than we’d like to admit). To learn more about this move, click here.

10. Crossover Kicks:


Here’s another seemingly simple movement that packs in a whole lot of burn. Your abs will scream but your bikini will thank you for performing this movement that focuses on the transverse abdominal muscles. Get the details here.

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11. Plank Up-Downs: 


Adding movement to your plank adds extra contraction of your ab muscles, which leads to a waist whittling effect. Added bonus: This is also a great arm toning exercise. Get more information by clicking here.

12. Oblique V-Up: 

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Lie on your left side, with your right hand behind your head and your left hand on the floor.
Press into your left hand as you lift your straight legs off the floor, bringing your feet towards your head. In a controlled motion, lower yourself back to the floor. That is one rep. Complete all your reps on one side and switch to opposite side.

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13. Elevated Shoulder Taps: 


This is another great way to incorporate your stability ball in plank work. If you don’t have a stability ball, prop your legs on a chair or couch. To learn how to do this move, click here.

14. Starfish Abs: 


Alternate crunching the upper body so the hand can touch the opposite toe. Use your other arm to help you balance, but not to help you lift! This cross-abdominal exercise will have you feeling the burn in no time. Get more details here.

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15. Toe Touches: 

toe touch

With your feet in the air over your hips, crunch the torso and reach for the toes! You don’t have to actually touch them, but each attempt will strengthen the six-pack abs waiting for you. Bookmark this one here!

16. Bird Dog Crunch:


Begin on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders,your knees directly under your hips with a dumbbell in your right hand. Pull your belly button into your spine as you bring your left knee and right elbow together at your belly. Keeping your core stable, straighten your right arm and left leg. Reach through your left heel. Repeat on opposite side, that is one rep.

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17. Stability Ball Skiiers: 


Ready to work? This move will really put your core to the test because you’ll have to use your core to stabilize and balance as you perform this move.

18. Plank Toe Taps: 


This is another way to add movement to your plank and add an extra burn to your core work. Focus on keeping your booty down throughout the move. Learn how to do this move here.

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