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20 Worst Wildlife Photos Of 2020

20 Worst Wildlife Photos Of 2020

Published on February fifth, 2021

Wildlife pictures want to not be excellent. The Crap Wildlife Photography Facebook group is a spot for newbie wildlife photographers to share their pictures. We have picked the 20 ‘worst wildlife pictures’ of 2020 from this group.

1. What’s Your Problem?!

Image supply: Jonica Palmer

2. Aggressive Geese

Image supply: Ki Choi

3. If 2020 Was An Eagle

Image supply: David Chang

4. Bottoms Up!…would possibly Get This One Printed On A Canvas

Image supply: Ellen Hickey

5. I Knew There Were Raccoons In The Tree But I Couldn’t See What They Were Doing Until The Flash Came On/Pictures Came Out.

Image supply: Lindsay Sletten

6. Oink

Image supply: Beth Perry

7. Was Supposed To Be A Pelican

Image supply: Emma McAleese

8. Scary Little Egret From Egypt

Image supply: Doaa Belal Abdelhamed

9. We Broadcast The Possum Signal Only In The Most Dire Of Garbage Emergencies

Image supply: Amy Fisher Rosaaen-McDonald

10. Spotted This Guy While Delivering Parcels Down On The Beachfront Community.

Image supply: Freya Hogan

11. Behold The Majestic Red-Tailed Hawk Update: Hawk Is Fine

Image supply: Michelle Bartelheimer

12. From Vancouver, The Bird Was Parked On The Hood Of My Car, Shot At F16, Giving Lots Of Depth Of Field. Scary!

Image supply: AP Hovasse

13. Behold My Favorite *crap* Wildlife Photo Thus Far

Image supply: Autumn Schrock

14. My Teenaged Son Went To The Coast. I Asked To See The Pictures He Took, And This Was Literally It

Image supply: Rachel Heffington Pross

15. Just An Alligator And Turtle Eating Spaghetti Together. Yes They Had A Lady And The Tramp Moment. Mont Belvieu Texas

Image supply: Amber Rose

16. Found The Most Majestic Anemone On The Beach The Other Night. It Reminds Me Of Something, But I Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It…

Image supply: Steph Renaud

17. Just A Couple Of Vultures In The Hospital Courtyard. Nothing To Worry About

Image supply: Hami Sayyadioskoie

18. From A Couple Years Ago While Checking Wood Duck Boxes For Work. This Lil Thing And It’s Friends Jumped Out (They Nest In The Boxes For The Winter). I Proceeded To Freak Out Because I Didnt Want It Crawling Up Inside My Pants. My Coworker Found It And Took A Picture For Posterior Posterity

Image supply: Shasta Slade

19. I Was Photographing A Penguin, Put The Telephoto Lens On And It Waddled Over To Stand Less Than A Meter Away So All I Could Get In The Frame Was Its Foot.

Image supply: Steve Ransome

20. What An Unusual Bird On My Deck This Morning!

Image supply: Ann Marie Jacobson


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