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Your longed-for honeymoon is coming soon! But before you get off your plane with your beloved spouse, there are a few serious matters to deal with. You need to get organized for your special vacation and figure out what essentials to pack instead of saving it all until the very last minute. You obviously want to take with you all those cannot-imagine-life-without items, but keep in mind that you may overpack and, as a result, waste your money on substantial fees for heavy bags. So, what to pack in your luggage to be sure you have taken everything you really need for your lifetime experience? Whether you are going to sunbath with a spectacular blue view of the Indian Ocean, going skiing in the Alps, or taking a trip to ancient Rome, here is a full honeymoon packing list with all the essentials for newly-weds.

22 Things to Put on Your Honeymoon Packing List

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1. Passport/driver’s license/visas (if needed)

Pay close attention to your documents. Put them in the most prominent place because you probably won’t get very far without them.

2. Credit cards

Do not take all your credit cards – take with you only those you may need. Make sure you have informed your bank of your plans to travel overseas.

3. Cash

Take cash in the currency of the country you are going to. A small amount of your home currency may also come in handy in case of an emergency.

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4. Hotel, restaurant, and activity reservation confirmations

Keep in mind that you need not only air booking confirmations but also confirmations for your hotel accommodations, restaurants, and any events or activities you have booked. Even if you have all your confirmation online, it is worth taking their printed versions with you just in case.

5. Travel insurance documents

You may think you are invincible, but you still need travel insurance in order to let your heart find well-deserved rest. Thereby, look for a reliable travel insurance company to face such common travel challenges as flight delays, trip cancellation, lost luggage, and medical emergencies.

6. Copies of all crucial travel documents

Make sure you have copies of your passport and ID, credit cards, travel itinerary, health insurance, travel insurance, prescriptions, etc. It is better to make two copies of all of these documents so that you can carry one set with you and leave another one in a hotel room. You can also take photos of these documents with your phone.

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7. Cell phone and charger

A portable charger may also be handy if you are planning a full-day excursion.

8. Camera

Take a quality camera if you do not want to settle for phone pics and ensure that your honeymoon photos will be stunning. Do not forget about an extra memory card, batteries, and charger for your camera.

9. Emergency phone numbers

Be prepared with emergency phone numbers (your doctor, pet sitter, credit card provider, health insurance company, the nearest embassy of your country, and other useful contacts). You may need consultation in case you lose your cards or phone or somebody steals them.

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10. Emergency contact information

Write down your personal data, including your first and last name and contacts of your family or friends, on a card. Put it in your wallet so that it will be easy for people to find it in case of need.

11. Prescription medications

Any prescription medications you take with you must be in their original packaging. Do not forget to make a copy of the prescription.

12. Small first aid kit

You can make a mini travel medical kit on your own or buy a ready-made one. It should contain adhesive bandages, painkillers, antihistamines, diarrhea medicine, etc.

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13. Headphones, e-readers, books or magazines

If you are flying budget and do not want to be limited to a tiny TV screen only, take your favorite books, music, and gadgets allowed on board. They will make the time pass quickly.

14. Earplugs

Because of in-flight air pressure, people traveling by plane often complain of suffering from ear pain. Therefore, select the right pair of earplugs in order to get rid of pressure discomfort. Besides, since earplugs lower noise levels in the cabin, you can get complete rest during the flight.

15. Electrical converter or adapter

You need an electrical converter or adapter in case your electronic plugs do not fit into foreign outlets.

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16. Basic toiletries

Take with you a small toiletries bag with face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, moisturizer, deodorant, and make-up (under 100ml to adhere to airline baggage allowance).

17. Extra clothing

Take at least one change of clothes for each of you, including underwear, in case your luggage is lost or your flight is delayed. Wear loose clothes and comfortable shoes on the plane.

18. Sunglasses

Sunglasses will become your daily accessory to keep your eyes protected and comfortable, especially when you are on vacation.

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19. Traveler’s checks

Traditionally, travelers carry traveler’s checks to get cash in local currency and pay merchants.

20. Guidebook

Tourists often use guidebooks that provide information about a town, area, or country. They can be printed or downloaded to your devices.

21. Luggage locks and tags

Put tags with your contact details inside and out of your luggage. This is especially important if you are going to fly by plane or use any other mode of transport where other people handle your luggage and can misplace or lose it.

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22. Jewelry items

Traveling with jewelry can cause you some headaches if you are doing it wrong. When jewelry is lost or damaged, the sense of panic doubles. Here is what you need to know when traveling with your precious accessories:

Think of what your trip will entail (whether it will be lazy to lie on the beach or attending exquisite dinners), and take with you only what you need. Anyway, it is better to leave your most valuable jewelry pieces at home.

Jewelry pieces usually consist of small parts and long chains that can be easily lost or damaged. Drawing on the experience of white-glove moving companies, such as fineartshippers.com, the best way to protect your jewelry is to pack it in an individual jewelry travel case or jewelry roll. Such protection will also help you stay organized and avoid the annoyance of a knot of bracelets and necklaces.

Never carry pieces of jewelry in your checked luggage. Pack your jewelry in the carry-on in order not to get them lost during the transportation.

If you are going to travel with very valuable items, consider getting special insurance for your jewelry accessories. Discuss the details with your insurance agent to choose the option that will meet your needs best.

Do not play in the sand or surf wearing your jewelry.

A honeymoon is a golden opportunity for a newly married couple. It is only for the two of you. Spend this precious time celebrating your marriage and enjoying each other before going back to the real world. Be adequately prepared and savor every moment!

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