25 Best COMPUTER Games to Play in 2019

The finest COMPUTER video games of 2019 disclose the transforming nature of COMPUTER video gaming and also the video gaming sector in its entirety. The lines in between systems are coming to be obscured. Microsoft is accepting COMPUTER video gaming once more as it intends to bring Xbox to the masses, Japan making even more COMPUTER ports than ever, and also also Nintendo taking on a growing number of indie titles that would certainly have formerly just gotten on Steam. And allow’s not neglect that also Google desires know the video games company, as it prepares to present its brand-new cloud video gaming system.

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What we’re stating is that COMPUTER exclusives (just like exclusives somewhere else) aren’t fairly as typical as they made use of to be regardless of the Epic Store’s best shots. Yet, there stay several titles that can just either presently be experienced on COMPUTER or are or else best experienced on the system. While previous COMPUTER style essentials like first-person shooters can currently be located on almost any kind of gadget, COMPUTER video gaming stays the most effective resource for approach video games, timeless role-playing, and also experiences which oppose all standard category and also reasoning.

COMPUTER video gaming might be transforming, however as some of the most effective COMPUTER video games of 2019 confirm, the spirit of advancement that has actually aided specify the COMPUTER scene for years lives and also well. 


TBA | Night School Studio

Milo and also Lola are 2 friends that pass away and also discover that they’ve mosted likely to Hell. That’s…bad, however they quickly find a soul-saving catch. If they can in some way take care of to outdrink Satan, they will certainly be saved and also permitted to go back to Earth.

Afterparty is something of a throwback to the golden era of point-and-click journey video games. This dialogue-heavy journey sees you not just bar jump via Hell however total pursuits that might extremely well transform the destiny of its citizens permanently. Considering its from the manufacturers of Oxenfree and also Sword & Sworcery, we’ve got high wish for Afterparty.

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Best PC Games 2019 - Anno 1800

Anno 1800

April 16 | Blue Byte 

Beloved approach collection Anno go back to its historic origins with Anno 1800. This city builder/strategy game sees you develop a small realm throughout the commercial transformation when brand-new improvements brought about brand-new opportunities (and also brand-new issues).

Anno 1800 spruced up technicians make micromanaging your negotiations a lot more tough and also satisfying than ever. On top of that, it supplies an abundant story-driven project that praises its deep sandbox structure alternatives.

Best PC Games 2019 - Ape Out

Ape Out

February 28 | Bennett Foddy, Gabe Cuzzillo, Matt Boch

Ape Out stars a gotten away ape that seethes as heck and also isn’t mosting likely to take it any longer. In order to burst out, he’s mosting likely to need to function his means via a range of armed guards that will certainly do anything to quit him.

The game networks Hotline Miami with its puzzle-like busy degrees, however the game’s fantastic activity style offers each phase a weird kind of rhythm that requires you to technique Ape Out like it’s a DDR game. It’s a hypnotically fierce game strengthened by fantastic minimal visuals.

Best PC Games 2019 - Baba is You

Baba Is You

March 13 | Hempuli Oy

Most fantastic problem video games are specified by a collection of regulations that aid control the experience. In Baba Is You, however, the regulations are anything however specified. Actually, you’re able to transform them by just engaging with a couple of secret obstructs in each degree that not just transform the design of the degree however can modify exactly how you win the game.

It seems odd, and also it is. However, the capability to control what can and also can’t be done in each level makes Baba Is You is one of the cleverest, most inventive, and downright challenging puzzle games in recent memory. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Best PC Games 2019 - Conan Unconquered

Conan Unconquered

May 30 | Petroglyph

Recently, strategy action game They Are Billions utilized a fresh approach to the RTS genre with its horde mode-like gameplay where you fend off waves of enemies while building the best base possible. Well, Conan Unconquered is a Conan-themed version of this new style of strategy game.

Conan Unconquered throws you headfirst into the Conan universe as you work to outlast and outmaneuver some of the most devastating hordes the world has ever known. Unconquered’s twists on the base building/horde genre make an incredibly exciting title for any fans of modern strategy experiences.

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Best PC Games 2019 - Dark Devotion

Dark Devotion

April 25 | Hibernian Workshop

A temple, an ancient mystery, and a Templar whose very faith will be put to the test are just some of the major players in Dark Devotion. However, the true star of the show is the game’s blend of Castlevania gameplay and dungeon crawling.

Dark Devotion’s wonderful Dark Souls aesthetic, incredible music, and airtight gameplay make it an enticing project to those who just can’t get enough Dead Cells in their lives or anyone looking for a new challenge.

Best PC Games 2019 - Devotion


February 19 | Red Candle Games

For some, there’s nothing scarier than going home. However, Devotion isn’t entirely about exploring the true nature of a deep, undefinable fear. No, Devotion is about a trip home that reveals some truly unspeakable terrors.

Devotion may be temporarily unavailable due to an absurd controversy based around an in-game joke, but you’ll want to give it a shot as soon as it makes a return. It’s one of the most outright terrifying games in recent memory and a downright clever look at the horrors of home.

Best PC Games 2019 - Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium


One part isometric RPG in the style of Baldur’s Gate and one part gritty detective adventure, Disco Elysium combines genres and ideas that we never knew we wanted to see on the same plate yet can not wait to dive into. 

Disco Elysium‘s “urban fantasy” setting is a compelling enough reason to give this game a look, but the real draw here is Disco Elysium‘s deep RPG mechanics. Not only are the game’s playable characters fully-customizable, but Disco Elysium asks you to determine what kind of cop you’re going to be in this rough world. It may be easy to position yourself as a righteous lawman, but the moral line in this dark universe may be too tough to see. 

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Best PC Games 2019 - GTFO


TBA | 10 Chambers Collective

GTFO stands for what you think it stands for, but even the game’s name doesn’t fully capture the terror of this cooperative action experience. Imagine going on your own Aliens adventure with friends, and also you’re on the right track.

The game looks to fill the void left by the disappearance of the Left 4 Dead series in a big way. This terrifying take on the co-op shooter concept nails its atmosphere and proves that you don’t always feel safer when you’re with friends.

Best PC Games 2019 - Hades


December 2018 (Early Access) | Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games (makers of Transistor and Bastion) have always done things a little differently, and Hades is no exception. After all, it’s not every day that you play as the prince of the underworld as he tries to escape to Mt. Olympus with help from the gods.

Based largely on feedback its developers received from their other projects, Hades is a brilliant isometric action title that combines the best of role-playing and dungeon exploration. This brilliant roguelike will have you carefully considering how you upgrade your character as you work towards the seemingly impossible.

Best PC Games 2019 - Imperator: Rome

Imperator: Rome

April 25 |  Paradox Development Studio

Developer Paradox Development Studio is known for its grand strategy experiences, but Imperator: Rome looks to up the ante that the studio has laid on the table over the last several years. Anyone familiar with the Crusader Kings series will understand what is so appealing about Imperator‘s grand strategy pedigree, but even those familiar with the games that inspired this title may find themselves surprised by how deeply this game dives into the intricacies of its era.

Best PC Games 2019 - Islanders


April 4 |  GrizzlyGames

We all need a break from high octane AAA gaming experiences once in a while, and Islanders may prove to be one of the best breaks from the same old same old released in 2019. Combining elements of SimCity, Tetris, and other city builders, Islanders sees you take a small collection of buildings and try to build the best settlement possible.

Described as an almost cruelly addictive game, Islanders masters the art of “easy to learn, tough to master” like few other city builders ever have. Its problem-like mechanics ensure nobody feels overwhelmed while its surprisingly deep late game will thrill genre enthusiasts.

Best PC Games 2019 - Katana Zero

Katana Zero

April 18 | Askiisoft

There’s been no shortage of retro action video games in current years, which is nice, but it means that a retro action game really has to do something special to stand out. Thankfully, Katana Zero easily makes a name for itself.

This uber fast and incredibly stylish action game centers around manipulating time in order to pull off the perfect runs. One false move leads to death, meaning that you’ll need to be at your best unless you want to relive the game’s incredible levels and stunning combat sequences again. Of course, that might not be a bad thing.

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Best PC Games 2019 - MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

September 10 | Piranha Games

The MechWarrior series has long been the source of some of the best mech combat in gaming. Known for its intriguing blend of simulation and fantasy, MechWarrior finally makes its long-awaited return (after 19 years, in fact) with MechWarrior 5.

Can MechWarrior 5 live up to the considerable hype that precedes it? There are many that hope so, but all we know is that gaming is in desperate need of new mech action titles. MechWarrior 5 seems poised to bring the series back to prominence.

Best PC Games 2019 - My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro

June | DeadToast Entertainment

Years ago, the Max Payne franchise helped re-write the rules of how insane video game action could get. Inspired by the cinematic gunplay of that series, My Friend Pedro looks to finally give us a new venue in which to live out our action film dreams.

Based on a popular flash game, My Friend Pedro is indeed most easily described as a 2D Max Payne, but this insane action game has much more to offer than just a fan tribute. It’s a love letter to the absurdity of action gunplay.

Best PC Games 2019 - One Finger Death Punch 2

One Finger Death Punch 2

April 15 | Silver Dollar Games

The golden age of the 2D brawler may be over, but don’t tell that to the creators of One Finger Death Punch. The developers of this two-button action series have managed to turn the simple joys of those classic arcade games into an even simpler (in theory) rhythm action game.

Now, they’re back with One Finger Death Punch 2, in which the player once again fights through hordes of enemies utilizing only a couple of buttons and a rhythm track that shows you when to attack. Both gloriously retro and refreshingly new, One Finger Death Punch 2 is a must-have for fans of simple thrills.

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Best PC Games 2019 - Outward


March 26 | Nine Dots Studio

There just aren’t enough open-world true RPGs out there. With even Bethesda making more and more compromises in its game design, we’re left relying on ambitious indie developers to evolve the concepts of the genre. So far as that goes, there are few games more ambitious than Outward.

Outward may not live up to all of its promises, but this open-world RPG that combines elements of survival and role-playing makes it more difficult (and more rewarding) to truly live in a massive world. It’s worth a look for any RPG fans who want something a little deeper.

Best PC Games 2019 - Risk Of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2

March 28 | Hopoo Games

The original Risk of Rain is one of the best roguelike games ever made. Defined by its simple looks and accessible action gameplay, developer Hopoo Games took a tremendous…err…risk in converting the game to 3D, but Risk of Rain 2 manages to brilliantly re-imagine the incredible original.

Risk of Rain 2 features everything that made the original so notable, including unique characters, skills, and weapons, but adds a third dimension that greatly enhances the fundamental appeal of the original experience. It may only be in early access, but it’s one of the best games of the year.

Best PC Games 2019 - Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire

January 23| Mega Crit Games

This is a bit of a cheat considering that Slay the Spire has been in early access for quite some time, but the game’s official release this year already has many adding it to their best games of 2019 list.

As a roguelike deck builder, Slay the Spire is a unique experience. Even if it had more competition, though, we’d have a tough time imagining the game that can equal its brilliant strategy gameplay which sees you maneuver through a diverging path as you try to build the best deck of cards possible and defeat all who stand in your way. This insanely addictive game is simply one of the best games on Steam.

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Best PC Games 2019 - Steel Division 2

Steel Division 2

May 2| Eugen Systems

Steel Division 2 is big. Seriously, it’s really big. Described by some as a 1:1 strategy game, this turn-based title aims to recreate the battlefields of WWII in painstaking detail.

While it will likely not prove to be the most action-packed strategy game on the market, Steel Division 2’s massive size means that players must consider the impact of their choices like never before. A strategy game for the true digital grand commanders out there, Steel Division 2 may very well prove to be one of the most complex and rewarding experiences in its genre.

Best PC Games 2019 - Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies

January 31| Failbetter Games

It’s a bit too easy to describe Sunless Skies as a gothic horror sci-fi version of The Oregon Trail on a massive scale, but that description does a fairly good job of capturing just what makes this game so compelling. 

Sunless Skies takes what made Sunless Sea such a fascinating take on the role-playing/strategy genre and amplifies nearly all of it. This is a game of discovery in which you must make some difficult choices and rely on the aid of some potentially unsavory characters in order to have a chance of surviving the horrors that lurk in the skies.

Best PC Games 2019 - Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms

May 23| Creative Assembly

Anyone who knows PC gaming knows the Total War series. For years, the Total War name has been synonymous with some of the best strategy experiences on PC. Their blend of real-time battles and grand strategy overworlds make them some of the greatest strategy experiences for nearly all levels of players.

Now, the Total War series goes where it never has before: ancient China. Three Kingdoms aims to recreate a legendary period of Chinese history and, in the process, remind everyone why fans of real-time and turn-based strategy can often find the best of both worlds in this series that just keeps getting better.

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Best PC Games 2019 - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

April 1| Landfall

Much like Goat Simulator, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’s name is a bit of a joke. Actually, there’s absolutely nothing accurate at all about the game’s bizarre custom conflicts, as you gaze upon the often horrific results of an almost unlimited number of user-designed combat scenarios.

Fortunately, TABS doesn’t need to be accurate to be one of the year’s most interesting titles. While there is a surprisingly effective campaign in this game, the real joy of TABS comes from watching the glorious chaos that unfolds when you ask the game to simulate one of an unfathomable number of ridiculous combat scenarios.

Best PC Games 2019 - Unheard


March 29 | NEXT Studios

It’s rare that we get detective games at all much less detective games that bring something completely different to the style. However, Unheard, a game in which you play a detective able to hear long gone voices at past crime scenes, is exactly that.

Unheard uses audio much like Her Story used video. Devoid of just about any hints or markers, you must discover the truth behind several bizarre crimes using only the voices of those who were there. It sounds simple, but this brilliantly written game will have you guessing and leave you unable to stop until you’ve learned the truth.

Best PC Games 2019 - What Never Was

What Never Was

January 11 | Acke Hallgren

What Never Was is a brief game (it can easily be beaten in under an hour), but that’s not too much of a con considering that it’s also a free title. Even if it wasn’t, we’d still easily recommend this game to fans of great storytelling.

This game stars a young woman exploring her grandfather’s old attic. There, she begins to discover details of his life that begin to make her wonder whether she knew him at all. Brilliantly written, What Never Was is an example of non-linear storytelling at its finest.

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