25 Best Star Wars Games

There have actually been lots of Star Wars video games for many years, yet much like the flicks themselves, some are appreciated far more lovingly than others. For every Star Wars game as precious as The Empire Strikes Back, there’s a half-dozen that are as disliked as long as The Phantom Menace or as dissentious as The Last Jedi.

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Then there are those all-time standards, like Knights of the Old Republic, which some followers assert to be much better than the whole movie legend. It’s a huge insurance claim, of training course, yet it’s difficult to defeat a Star Wars experience in which you reach be the hero of the tale and also form the galaxy as you please. Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy also allow you educate as a pupil and also end up being the hero (or bad guy) you were constantly predestined to be!

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So which video games are toughest in the Force? Here are Den of Geek’s 25 preferred Star Wars video games:

25. Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles

2000 | LucasArts | DC, PSX, GBA

Jedi Power Battles supplies something that you’d believe would certainly be much more usual in Star Wars video games: the easy delight of utilizing a lightsaber to lower with hundreds of adversaries with a companion at hand. It’s not the most beautiful or inmost game, yet it’s enjoyable, and also it does include a strong choice of Prequel-period Jedi. There are also many unlockable personalities and also degrees if you delve the game. And while the Dreamcast variation is quickly the very best, also the Game Boy Advance port isn’t also worn-out.

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24. Star Wars: CONNECTION Fighter

1994 | Totally Games | COMPUTER

Star Wars: CONNECTION Fighter is the really interpretation of an oldie yet a gift. While its graphics reveal their age, the gameplay is ageless. Even though the fights occur precede, they really feel much more like World War II dogfights. Thankfully, this game is currently conveniently offered on Steam and also various other contemporary COMPUTER systems.

23. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

1996 | LucasArts | N64, COMPUTER

Shadows of the Empire’s graphics haven’t aged extremely well, yet that should not make it really feel any kind of much less impressive. The elegance of having the game occur in between The Empire Strikes Back and also Return of the Jedi is that it allows you play out many awesome minutes linked to those movies, like the Battle of Hoth and also the conflict with Boba Fett. Admittedly, this was kind of cumbersome to play when it initially appeared, yet an HD remake might straighten out the twists.

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22. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

2010 | LucasArts | COMPUTER, PS3, Wii, X360

The initially Force Unleashed was an enjoyable yet flawed game. Hopes were high for the follow up, yet sadly it still failed in lots of means – mostly with a foolish tale regarding being a duplicate that lasts all of 3 hrs. But The Force Unleashed II is still an attractive game to see, and also there’s something exceptionally pleasing regarding tearing right into stormtroopers with Force lightning and also dual-wielded lightsabers. It’s simply regrettable we’ll never ever reach see just how the prepared follow up would certainly have ended up.

21. Star Wars: The Old Republic

2011 | BiographyWare | COMPUTER

The Old Republic is not Knights of the Old Republic III, and also some players will certainly never ever overcome that. What it is, nevertheless, is an MMO that takes its tale really seriously. The kind of dedication needed for an MMO isn’t for every single player, however, for those players that actually intend to seem like they’re residing in a galaxy much, far, there’s no much better choice. And it’s been free-to-play for several years currently, so there’s no factor to miss over it.

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20. Super Star Wars

1992 | LucasArts | SNES

Super Star Wars is a little bit of a peculiarity contrasted to later on Star Wars video games. It tracks the story of A New Hope rather very closely, yet likewise takes some rather huge freedoms, like including degrees where Luke battles huge scorpions and also infiltrates a Jawa Sandcrawler. It’s a little weird, yet bear in mind this is the period when also TELEVISION programs like Home Improvement had video clip game adjustments with out of location adversaries. Super Star Wars and also its 2 follows up at the very least stand up much better than many various other very early ‘90s game adjustments.

19. Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

2011 | Traveller’s Tales | PS3, COMPUTER, Wii, X360

Just like the flicks themselves, occasionally Star Wars follows up can’t fairly meet the buzz. Traveller’s Tales had actually currently cranked out 3 outstanding Lego Star Wars video games at this moment, so you’d believe they might do much more outstanding points with a game based upon the prominent Clone Wars anime. And… they arrange of did. It’s still enjoyable repeating episodes and also accumulating thousands of studs, yet the confusing addition of RTS components brings this down a couple of secures.

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18. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

2005 | LucasArts | PS2, Xbox

Aside from the Lego video games, there haven’t been way too many computer game that straight adjust the Star Wars movies in recent times. Revenge of the Sith is exceptionally devoted to the motion picture and also includes a relatively deep combination system, as you play as either Anakin or Obi-wan. And if you play with the last objective as Anakin, you obtain a finishing really various from the movie.

17. Pinball FX 3

2017 | Zen Studios | COMPUTER, PS4, Switch, XBO, Wii U

The most current variation of Pinball FX has greater than a loads tables including personalities from all 3 Star Wars trilogies. And while the top quality of each table differs a little, it’s constantly enjoyable to play with scenes from Episodes IVVII (and also Rogue One!) or go with the high rating while paying attention to “The Imperial March” on the Darth Vader table.

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16. Star Wars: Dark Forces

1996| LucasArts | COMPUTER, PSX

RUIN and also Quake are usually viewed as the peaks of first-person shooters in the ‘90s, yet Dark Forces in fact is worthy of a great deal of credit scores for its technologies. This timeless presented leaping, cost-free intending, and also multi-step challenges, which have all end up being keystones of the category. Thanks to that deepness, it stands up much better than a great deal of various other ‘90s COMPUTER shooters.

15. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

2002 | LucasArts | GCN, PS2

Sadly, it doesn’t resemble we’ll ever before reach play Star Wars 1313, the terminated game regarding Boba Fett’s bounty searching journeys in the much less commendable locations of Coruscant. But we have Star Wars: Bounty Hunter at the very least, the tale of his father/the person he was duplicated from and also his very own journeys throughout the Prequel period. It’s undoubtedly a little janky, and also not awfully cutting-edge, yet there will certainly constantly be something encouraging regarding playing with a game as a Fett.

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14. Star Wars: Empire at War

2006 | Petroglyph video games | COMPUTER

Admittedly, Empire at War isn’t as deep as Starcraft II, yet Starcraft II doesn’t have X-wings, AT-ATs, or Darth Vader as devices. This is an above ordinary RTS game that ultimately allows you outline out success for either the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. The RTS category is such a best suitable for Star Wars, it’s shocking that even more video games haven’t gone this path.

13. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

1998 | Factor 5 | N64, COMPUTER

While numerous video games allow gamers pilot an X-Wing before Rogue Squadron, Factor 5’s work of art simply made it piloting these starfighters much more enjoyable with its even more arcadey controls and also objectives. And also today, the game looks and also appears amazing. Factor 5 drew some actual magic out of the aging N64 equipment to make a game that still stands up 20 years later on. Just be cautioned though: the later objectives are exceptionally tough.

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12. Star Wars Battlefront


A whole lot has actually been claimed regarding the game Battlefront isn’t. It’s real that it’s a little light on web content, and also it’s also missing out on attributes that remained in its precursors, launched a years previously. But Battlefront is still an enjoyable multiplayer shooter to delve into for a couple of mins or hrs, and also it records the feeling of the flicks much better than any kind of various other Star Wars game prior to it. It’s one of the very best looking video games of the present generation, and also the addition of Rogue One web content a year after launch maintained the experience fresh. Even if this rebirth isn’t excellent, at the very least it stayed clear of the microtransaction mess that afflicted its follow up.

11. Disney Infinity 3.0

2015 | Avalanche Software | COMPUTER, PS3, PS4, Wii U, X360, XBO

Toys and also Star Wars fit like George Lucas and also poor discussion. Even if you discover the gameplay in Disney Infinity 3.0 to be also kiddie or very easy, it’s difficult for any kind of Star Wars follower to stand up to the lots of plastic playthings launched along with the game. Plus, it’s the only game to day where you can see Darth Vader engage with Spider-Man and also Mickey Mouse.

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10. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

2016 | TT Fusion | 3DS, COMPUTER, PS3, PS4, Wii U, X360, XBO

Despite meddling countless various other franchise business for many years, the very first 3 Lego Star Wars video games are perhaps still amongst the absolute best ahead out of Traveller’s Tales. It’s not a surprise then that the respected designer justified the Lego variation of The Force Awakens. This isn’t an innovative title, simply a best (and also usually funny) tackle the motion picture, with the included reward of canon objectives established after Return of the Jedi and also usable personalities covering the whole legend.

9. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

2008 | LucasArts | COMPUTER, PS3, Wii, X360

While it’s not a best game whatsoever, probably nothing else Star Wars game has actually much better caught what it would certainly resemble to have the complete powers of the Force available, whether that suggests appealing in exceptionally pleasing lightsaber and also Force lightning fight, or removing a Star Destroyer utilizing just the old power. And unlike its follow up, The Force Unleashed in fact had a rather wonderful tale that also connected right into the Original Trilogy, at the very least till Disney got Lucasfilm and also stated that it was no more canon.

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8. Star Wars Episode I: Racer


Though The Phantom Menace is usually taken into consideration one of the most frustrating Star Wars movie, it in fact led to some of the very best video games. Maybe it’s since they didn’t adhere to the motion picture so very closely? Racer took one of the very best scenes from the motion picture, Anakin’s impressive podrace success, and also transformed it right into a full-featured game greatly influenced by F-Zero and also Wipeout. It’s a principle that was virtually difficult to mess up and also created one of the absolute best Star Wars video games.

7. Star Wars: Republic Commando

2005 | LucasArts | COMPUTER, XBOX

Republic Commando takes some huge dangers that wind up settling. It doesn’t include any kind of Jedi, and also it steers clear of the action/adventure gameplay of most Star Wars ready tactical first-person capturing, as you lead an elite team of Clone Troopers at the start of the Clone Wars. More than a years later on, there still aren’t lots of FPS video games as enjoyable or as cutting-edge as Republic Commando. If there’s any kind of Star Wars game asking for an appropriate follow up or HD remake, it’s this.

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6. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

2004 | BiographyWare | COMPUTER, XBOX

The story of Knights of the Old Republic II might not fairly match its precursor, yet the story of the Jedi Exile recovering his/her link to the Force is still one of one of the most fascinating in Star Wars. Plus, the personalities that join your event, like Kreia and also Hanharr the Wookiee fugitive hunter, are perhaps also much better and also much more expanded than the very first game’s lineup. And Darth Nihilus still attracts attention as one of one of the most badass Sith Lords to ever before scare the galaxy. It’s regrettable that LucasArts hurried Obsidian to complete the game in time for the vacations. With a couple of even more months of gloss, this follow up could have covered this checklist.

5. Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

2001 | Factor 5 | GCN

No game has actually toenailed the feeling of what it would certainly resemble to pilot an X-wing fairly like Rogue Leader. The graphics were astonishing when the game initially appeared in 2001 as a GameDice launch title, and also they still look impressive today. No X-wing game has fairly record the Death Star trench run in addition to Rogue Leader, either. Unfortunately, the follow up fell short to profit from Rogue Leader’s success, including some foolhardy on-foot objectives, and also Factor 5 hardly exists as a designer after the much more foolhardy Lair for PS3.

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4. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

2002 | Raven Software | GCN, COMPUTER, XBOX

The greatest concern most followers have with Disney’s procurement of Star Wars is the number of wonderful tales were discarded without a  reservation in order to give way for the Sequel Trilogy. One of the greatest losses was Kyle Katarn, the Imperial officer-turned Jedi that starred in the absolute best Star Wars activity game. A whole lot of Star Wars video games allow you possess a lightsaber and also Force powers, yet none have actually grasped the combination fairly also. And couple of video games have actually had such liberty to discover the article-Return of the Jedi timeline as Jedi Outcast did. Players also got to invest a long time with Luke Skywalker at his brand-new Jedi holy place on Yavin IV. Unfortunately, article-Disney, we’ll most likely never ever see Katarn once more.

3. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

2007 | Traveller’s Tales | COMPUTER, PS3, Wii, X360

Surprisingly, this is the only Star Wars game to day that allows you play with the very first 6 flicks in their whole. Don’t allowed the Lego veneer fool you, this is a fantastic game with enjoyable and also differed gameplay that’s relatively real to its resource product (with a couple of funny variances). And with an absurd 160 usable personalities, it’s most likely that you’ll discover all of your faves below despite just how unknown they are.

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2. Star Wars: Battlefront II

2005 | Pandemic Studios | COMPUTER, PS2, XBOX

Few video games have actually created wild and also faithful fanbases like Battlefront II. Even after 2 graphically remarkable spiritual follows up, lots of followers say that the project, Galactic Conquest, and also the multiplayer maps are much above what EA is making currently. Fire up this timeless on the COMPUTER, and also it’s difficult to refute this title’s prevalence. And as of October 2017, the formerly closure online bet COMPUTER is back completely pressure without any indicators of decreasing.

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

2003 | BiographyWare | COMPUTER, XBOX

Knights of the Old Republic completed what practically nothing else Star Wars game has: it developed a tale that’s also much better than anything in the flicks. The story of your personality’s development as a Jedi and also the tale’s huge spin are still precious today. No various other Star Wars game has actually provided you as much power over the destiny of the galaxy either, permitting you to pick whether to conserve the Republic or rule it with an iron clenched fist. Now if we might ultimately obtain all of the interested celebrations to accept allow BiographyWare make Knights of the Old Republic III

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