25 Cute Animal Families

Being a dad or mum is tense for people and animals as effectively. Caring and nurturing a child requires lots of dedication, love and even carrying round! Take a have a look at these lovely photos of animal households that can soften your coronary heart!

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“Mom is so great! She doubles as a playset!”


Koala mummy carrying her child on her head.


Incredible genes.


“I work at a vet clinic and got to meet this stunning tan chinchilla mom and her adorable babies.”


Mom will hold you secure!


“I will protect you, little one.”


“Mom will take care of you.”


Big household!


“One day you will become as fine as your mom.”


The most secure place is in your mom’s paws.


Being a dad or mum is tiring.


Harvest mouse carrying her child to security.




 “Look at our cute puppies…LOOK AT THEM!”


Mama’s boy.


Sleeping buddies.


Another secure place.


“I, big wrinkle, made all these little wrinkles.”


Bathing hour.


“Snuggles with Dad”


“Look, they’re mine! I’m so proud.”


Bathing time, once more.


Loving mother.


Sleeping polar bears.

A Husky household.

Source: brightside.me

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