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Are you planning to bring a Frenchie puppy into your family? You’ve come to the right place where you will learn all the details you need.

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All dogs in this world are great. But, let’s be honest, Frenchies are simply fabulous. Those sweet companions are so popular for so many reasons, including their small size, their funny pointy ears, and their cute little noses. Plus, they are low-energy and are adaptable to any home, including a small apartment.

Not sure what you should pay attention to? Here are five things to know when you want to buy French bulldogs:

1. Potential genetic health and behavior problems

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Unfortunately, despite their cute look and friendly personalities, French Bulldogs are also notorious for their long list of potentially genetic health problems. So, first things first, as an aspiring Frenchie owner, it is essential to do your research and find out what you might be signing up for because health problems involve medical bills that can quickly add up.

Now, it doesn’t mean that all French Bulldogs have poor health. In fact, Frenchies are the healthiest of all the “bully” breeds. And, if you purchase your Frenchie puppy from a reputable breeder, the chances are that your new family member will be healthy as a horse. Most of the potential health problems of Frenchies are genetic. Therefore, they can be prevented if the parents of the puppy are some of the best dogs.

Some of the most common health issues in Frenchies include deafness, hip, cherry eye, respiratory problems, heat stress, cataracts, and Internal disc disease. Also, French bulldogs are highly predisposed to allergies, which they can develop at any point during their lifetime.

As for their behavior, Frenchies are generally playful, loving, and hilarious dogs despite their appearance for aggressive, mean dogs. The only drawback of their behavior is that they simply love being the center of attention. So, if they don’t feel like all eyes in the room are on them all the time, they might be predisposed to behavior problems such as separation anxiety, clingy behavior, barking or whining, begging, and chewing. Yes, that’s right, Frenchies would do anything to find a way to steal some attention.

However, a dog’s behavior usually models on their owner’s behavior and limits. So, since you are buying a puppy, you can train them according to your preferences.

2. Do you want an energetic or a more relaxed dog?

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Puppies, in general, no matter the breed, are very energetic and playful. However, as they grow older, Frenchies tend to change their behavior, especially females. While male Frenchies tend to be more energetic, female Frenchies become more relaxed when they grow older.

There are also other subtle behavioral differences between female and male French bulldogs. For example, while males are more assertive and playful, females are usually nippier, more docile, moody sometimes, and more dominating. Also, female Frenchies are more prone to show aggression as a puppy.

However, these are typical comments and, obviously, a Frenchie’s behavior and personality can significantly depend on how they have been raised, trained, and the environment they live in.

Also, many vets point out that both genders completely change their behavior after being spayed or neutered. Male or female, after being neutered or spayed, they will become more docile and make a better pet at home as they show less negative or aggressive personality traits.

3. Choose a reliable breeder

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It should go without saying that the reputation of the breeder should be a top factor to check before buying a Frenchie. The best breeders who don’t try to scam you will have the best reviews and recommendations from previous clients.

And, obviously, those breeders will also sell you a healthy Frenchie because they only breed the best dogs, raise the puppy in an appropriate environment, and make sure that the puppies aren’t sick or have behavioral problems that may be an issue for the owner.

You should obviously ask for references from previous clients, and if the breeder is a reliable one, they will be more than happy to let you talk with people who have bought their companions from them.

Also, we would recommend you to pay attention to the breeder’s personality. If the breeder is nice to you and has no problem answering all your questions, they most likely show the same respect to the dogs as well. So, the rude, cheap breeders are an absolute NO-NO, and you shouldn’t purchase your Frenchie from them.

4. Abnormally low prices are a RED flag

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We need to get this out there straight away: French bulldogs are expensive! And, if you truly value this breed and want to get a healthy dog, you should embrace the fact that you need to pay good money for one.

Now, let us tell you why the Frenchies are so expensive: although many people don’t know, they are unable to mate naturally. Therefore, not only that it costs a lot of money for the breeder to breed them, but it also involves a lot of risks. To breed, they require artificial insemination and C-sections to give birth.

The average price for a French bulldog puppy ranges between 1500 € to 4000 € depending on the parents of the puppy, the color, or even the gender of the puppy. However, the price can go even higher for puppies that come from extraordinary champion parents, Visit Euro Puppy for more info.

So, abnormally low prices are a RED flag because they might be a sign of an unhealthy puppy and an unreliable breeder.

5. Don’t buy a Frenchie puppy younger than eight weeks old

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Can’t wait to bring your new companion at home? You should until the puppy is at least eight weeks old. It is the right decision both for you and the puppy because puppies younger than eight weeks old are simply not ready to separate from their mothers.

Until that time, they need their mother for weaning, health, and developmental reasons, so taking them too early can lead to both serious health and behavioral problems. If a breeder tries to sell the puppy before they are eight weeks old, it might, once again, be a sign of an unhealthy puppy.

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular and cute dogs out there. Yet, they are a sensitive and high-maintenance breed, especially in the first months of their lifetime. Therefore, don’t take any buying decision lightly.

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