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They say that people who love animals love other people as well. According to research, 61% of people in the world have a pet. Can you guess which animal took the first place? Of course, the dog. There are many reasons why this particular animal found itself in this place – they are good and loyal friends, good guardians, love children, and would give their lives to protect the family they belong to, love to cuddle, and are irresistibly cute! While dogs used to be kept outside, today they are more and more house pets, which not only sleep in the house but also have their bed as an equal member of the household.

While this may sound both ridiculous and incomprehensible to those who do not have a pet, this is for several reasons quite a logical thing for animal lovers. First and foremost, hygiene. As much as we love animals, rarely can anyone tolerate hair all over the house. It is known that animals shed while they sleep because they often turn in their sleep. In the morning you will notice a lot of hair in the place where your dog lays. Also, it must get used to where its place is, and not to take your favorite. A man is very easily attached to his pet and will do everything to create good conditions for its stay in the house. This implies the purchase of beds because quality sleep is also important for animals.

Probably few people have thought about it, as well as the fact that there are several types of beds for your pets. We bring you a few tips on how to choose the right bed for your dog.

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Watch your dog as it sleeps

The position and way of sleeping the dog will help you a lot in choosing a bed. If it likes to stretch while sleeping, then it is better to choose a bigger bed. If it is one of those who like to cuddle up, then a bed that has sides will suit your dog, so that it can lean back. Another important thing you need to pay attention to is whether your dog likes to chew. If so, then avoid beds with electric heating, and choose those that have protection against chewing.

Measure your dog while sleeping

To know how big a bed to buy, measure your dog’s muzzle up to his tail. Then add another 8-12 inches and you will get the appropriate size of the bed. Also, consider whether your dog has reached its maximum size. If not, you can buy a larger bed that you will cover with a blanket to make it more comfortable until it grows.

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Pay attention to the material

Just as people don’t like to lie on any material, so do dogs. For older ones, it is a good idea to choose a waterproof bed or pull a waterproof, washable cover over to avoid daily washing. Cedar-filled beds are good for dogs with a slightly more unpleasant smell because, in addition to neutralizing it, the pasture will also smell nicer the longer you roll on it.

Look for a washable bed

No matter how much you take care of your dog’s hygiene, know that the bed will get dirty over time, and accumulate unpleasant odors. That is why it is important to choose one that is easy to wash. The bed or mat that comes in contact with the dog’s body should be washed once a week.

Think about these things too

To choose the right bed, consider the needs of your pet. If it is an older dog, chances are good that an anatomical bed will suit him. Short-haired dogs will be happy if they can curl up in a soft bed, while long-haired dogs will feel more comfortable on a flat surface that will not raise their body temperature further.

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Now take a look at some of the most popular types of dog beds.

Heated dog bed

Believe it or not, this also exists. These beds are mainly intended for puppies that still do not know how to regulate their body temperature, as well as for dogs with shorter hair. They are made with heating elements and your puppy will enjoy spending time right here. Still, you have to think about one thing. If your puppy likes to chew, this bed is not for it, because this is an electric bed and can easily get injured. Also, you must always take care of the wires, as well as personal check the temperature before comfortably placing your puppy. Still, you have to think about one thing. As for cleaning, this bed is machine washable. We believe that the knowledge that it is easily portable and that you can easily take it with you wherever you go will also come in handy.

Orthopedic dog bed

Yes, this exists, too. This bed will provide comfort to every dog, especially those that suffer from pain in the legs and joints. Thanks to the anatomical appearance, it will perfectly adapt to the curvature of your pet’s spine. With this bed, your dog will be rested and ready to play. It also has a chin rest, as well as a protective cover that will prevent your dog from biting the bed.

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Calming bed

If your dog prefers to spend time in a quiet environment, enjoying the softness of your favorite armchair, then this bed is the right solution. This is also a good solution for short-haired or hairless dogs that need extra warmth. These beds are usually made of good materials such as faux fur and provide incredible comfort. If you want to pamper your dog completely, this is one of the best ways! The positive features of this bed are that they are easy to wash, have an interesting and modern design, ensure a comfortable sleeping position, and it has been proven that dogs sleep more relaxed and even snore!

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