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It seems like younger generations can meet new people much easier, especially because they are the ones using their smartphones all the time. Older people are also getting used to modern technologies and implementing most of the benefits of using them. However, while the older generations got used to meet new people and traditionally arrange their dates, by asking some person to go out with them, younger people tend to use their smartphones for that, with Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, or some other social media or dating app.

Some might say how digital services are bad for dating, and that there is no such excitement than asking some person face to face to have a drink with you. However, times are inevitably changing, and most people today are using the advantages of digital services for dating. Besides Tinder, there are so many other types of dating services, such as Luckycrush, where you can easily find a potential partner and speak to that person over a video call. Technology plays a big role in dating today, and here are some of the most important ways of how it is affecting it.

1. The Way of Contacting Someone

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Before the wide use of the internet and smartphones, the main way of asking someone to go on a date with you was to personally ask that person if she is interested, face to face. for example, you can ask your parent how did they meet each other, and the answer will probably be at some party, night out, dinner, or while they were hanging out with friends. However, the situation today is completely different. You can still try some traditional methods for asking someone to go out with you, but it looks like people are getting used to modern services, where you can easily see if some person is available, send a few messages, and your date is arranged. The biggest impact that technology has on dating is the way of approach, because night outs, bars, and parties are replaced with searching over people with your smartphone.

2. It is Easier and More Satisfying

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When you are using Tinder and similar apps to look out for a potential partner, you will come across a huge base of people who might be a potential candidate. Most of these digital services have implemented the like option, and you can contact only those people who liked your profile. Also, it is very satisfying and amusing when you collect a lot of like there, even if you never see those people in public. Dating apps are using locations of people, which makes it a lot easier for you to find some potential partner near you, rather than going to some pub, where you could embarrass yourself in public if some guy or a girl rejects you. It might be killing the excitement, but people are being much more confident over dating apps.

3. You Have More Options

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Many people see that as a downside, but when you are using a dating app, you can choose from hundreds of people around you by their appearance and how they described themselves. It does not have to mean that you should go out with all the people who gave you like, but you have a much bigger choice than when you are looking for a partner in some club or a pub. Also, you can save that time to enjoy yourself with your friends, and not scan every person as a potential partner. On the other side, you have to be aware of the fact that many people are trying to impress everyone by posting fake or photo shopped pictures and describing them in the best possible way. Still, you can always have a drink with some person and see what he or she is like in public.

4. The Advantages of Dating Apps

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People are divided over this topic, but there are many benefits of using dating websites and social media to find a date. For example, there are many people today who are working from home or don’t have enough time to go out in some bar. In that matter, digital services are a great way to meet someone. Also, in case you have a problem with your confidence, it is much more relaxing to chat with someone over messages before you meet that person in public.

5. The Downsides

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As we already said, there are many people today, mostly older generations, who are against online dating of any sort. And, in some way, they might be right, because dating apps are killing the dating game and romance in many ways. The lack of excitement is also present when it became so easy to find someone today. However, you should know that every person has their preferences and reasons why they are using these services.

Also, a great downside is that many people are trying to show themselves in the best possible way on various dating sites. But, the truth is that you will find a lot of them who are faking some part of their profiles, like pictures or descriptions. In the end, when you know what you are looking for, and know your type of person, there should not be any problems.


Like all other aspects of our lives, the dating and way of meeting new people are also changing. The evolution of dating started with the internet and developed even more with the introduction of social media and dating apps. If you are looking for a one-night-stand, there is no better solution than creating a profile on some online dating platform. On the other hand, you could meet the love of your life there as well. There is also one big problem with people who start their relationship after they met on some social media or online platform, and that is insecurity because both of you were able to communicate with a lot of people there. In that matter, it would be the best solution for both of you to delete your profiles on Tinder, Badoo, or any other type of dating service.

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