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Being happy is easy, but not all people understand that. Indeed, it is good that we have ambitions and career goals. However, money is not something that can improve our mood. You will have the chance to afford things that you always wanted. But, all those material things become boring sooner or later.

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Everything that we need for real happiness is love and kindness. Because of that, a pet is something that we should all have. We can describe one situation that is happening quite often. Let’s say that you have your own family and a good job. However, you are working too hard every day. When you step in your house or apartment, kids and pets will wait for you there. They will immediately boost your mood and make you feel less tired. If you do not have kids yet, then the value of having a pet is even bigger.

Anyway, can we all afford to have a pet?

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At first glance, it will seem that something like that is impossible. People that live in houses can keep their pets in their backyard. Still, people that live in the apartment will have to be a bit creative. Indeed, keeping a dog or a cat in an apartment is a bit challenging. Still, that doesn’t mean you do not have the chance to do that.

In this article, we will focus on cats. Keeping a cat happy and healthy in a small apartment is different from keeping a dog. Fortunately, there are several different ways to make things right.

Let’s find them out together!

1. Ensure Safeness

This might seem silly, but you need to be sure that your cat won’t jump out the window. Cats are a type of pets that love to jump from one place to another. We can say that jumping is some sort of hobby. You can try a million different methods to change that, but it will be unsuccessful.

Of course, fresh air is something we all need. This is especially important if there is someone who smokes cigarettes actively. Because of that, keeping the windows closed for the entire day is unhealthy.

Still, that doesn’t mean this problem is not solvable. The furniture you have in the house should not be near the windows. As we said, cats like to jump from one bed to another. In this way, you will be sure that they are completely safe.

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2. However, Make It Fun As Well

Living in a small apartment needs to be entertaining for a cat. As we said, jumping from one piece to the next one is something cats love. Instead of trying to change that, you should ensure them enough space to do that.

In other words, you need to arrange your furniture. In that way, your kitty will easily jump from one piece of furniture to another. For example, arrange it so that your cat can jump from the end of the table to the back of the sofa. Your pet will be completely satisfied and the small space won’t be a problem.

3. Get a Self-Flushing Cat Box

Cat owners already know that dealing with a nasty litter box is annoying. Indeed, you can choose not to clean it actively. However, what if your kitty pile it up? It will leave a huge mess and an awful smell. This is one of the reasons why people avoid keeping a pet in a small apartment. Fortunately for all cat owners, this problem is now solvable.

Have you ever heard about the self-flushing cat box? This is an innovative solution that makes pet keeping easier. This cat box is self-washing and self-cleaning. We assume that this sounds like a good solution. If you are willing to get one, we recommend you learn more before purchasing this product.

Source: Cat Health & Behavior

4. Cat Trees, Jumping Shelves, Cat Climbers

Certain products will make your cat happy. For instance, cat trees are a perfect choice when a lack of space is a problem. Fortunately, there are two types of cat trees that you can get. The first type is the floor-to-ceiling cat tree. However, some pet owners are not willing to drill a cat tree into their ceilings. Because of that, narrow and tall cat trees would be a better choice.

Still, drilling into walls might be necessary when you live in a small apartment. If that is not a problem for you, then jumping shelves are a perfect choice. Still, even this item has an alternative. People that do not want to do any drilling can choose cat climber condos. These condos you can attach to your door without any need for drilling.

5. Pick the Right Plants

Well, decorating the interior with plants is something people tend to do. Logically, the plants should not be in the room where we sleep. However, when you live with a cat, then you need to be careful here. Not all leafy plants are good for your cat. Some of them are poisonous and can cause some serious health problems to your cat.

So, how exactly to do things right? Well, one of the ways is to make a cat bed that is made of grass. This is a DIY item that most of the owners will know how to accomplish. Despite that, if you are willing to purchase plants, we recommend catnip as the safest solution.

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6. Allow Scratching

Scratching is another reason why people prefer not to have a cat in a small apartment. Yet, you need to understand that scratching is not something they do because of fun. There are two different reasons why they are doing this. First of all, they want to keep their nails healthy. Despite that, this is the way of how they are marking their territory.

Because of that, you need to ensure that your cat has the opportunity to scratch in every room. There are several different ways of how you can do that. If you are willing to invest a bit of time, you can build up a simple wall scratcher alone. Despite that, you can also purchase scratchers that hand on doorknobs. Both solutions are equally good and it will make your cat happy and healthy.

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