7 Widely Believed Dog Myths and Why They are Wrong!

We will start with the popular ones which are less bizarre and then move on towards the more bizarre ones as we go down.

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1. Dogs See In Black, White, And Gray

Partially Wrong!

Dogs are dichromatic as compared to humans who are trichromatic. It means we have 3 cylindrical cones for color reception.

This does not mean dogs can only see things in Black, White & Gray.

In fact, dogs can see a lot more than these 3 colors, refer to the following image:


Source: dogstyleshome

If you look at it, you will understand that a dog can also see colors like Light Purple, Yellow, Blue, Violet, and their subsets.

What Is In It For You?

Whenever you buy a toy for them, make sure to pick these colors otherwise, it will be plain boring for them as they will only be able to see a black, white, or gray color.

2. Dogs Age 7 Years Per Human Year

Source: barkpost


Dog’s age much faster than humans.

But when it comes to calculating the precise data, you cannot just multiply it by 7 to get the real dog age, which is the famous rule of 7 in case of dogs and the rule of 3 in case of cats.

Smaller breeds have a longer lifespan, and larger breeds have a shorter lifespan.

Factors that go into calculating the precise dog age are the Actual Human Years and Weight of the dog. The following chart will help you get to the real dog’s age.

Source: dawgiebowl

So for example, if your dog is 1 year of human age and has a weight between 1-20, his actual age would be 7 which is alright according to the rule of 7.

But if your dog’s human age would have been 3 and the weight between 50-90, then his actual age would have been 24, which contradicts the rule of 7!


3. It Is Impossible To Take Good Pictures Of Your Dog

Source: chegg


It is possible, try to follow the following tips the next time you are trying to take a snap:

  • For a camera facing look, hold a treat above your camera. (In the left painting, all the dogs are not looking at the camera but the treatment which the photographer is holding above the camera)
  • Get him used to the camera by treating after the camera makes a sound.
  • Be conscious of lighting & sound.
  • Your height should be parallel to theirs. (In the right painting the dog is looking at the person is holding a treat and the photographer got to the height of the dog and snapped a photo at a good angle)
  • Set the autofocus to the Fido’s face.

What Should I Do Of A Good Pic?

You can do a lot of things like getting a handmade pet painting of it from these guys at PortraitFlip or post it on the dog’s social media accounts or fancy it on merchandise like a T-shirt, Cap or Mug.

4. There’s A Reason Dogs Eat Grass

Source: mistypinespetcompany


Some famous myths related to dogs eating grass are:

  • To make themselves throw up
  • They like the taste of it
  • They need some different edible taste to their tongue.

All of these are myths. No one knows why they eat grass even if they vomit after that.

An interesting survey says that it might be to fulfill the fiber needs of the dog because when a miniature poodle was exposed to eating grass and vomited for 7 straight days. But when he was put on high fibrous food he did not prefer to eat it.

Should You Let Your Pup Eat Grass?

Until the fog above the topic clears, don’t.

5. Raw Meat Is Good For Dogs

Source: countryliving




  • Raw meat tends to give more heat to the dog.
  • There might be parasites and bacteria sitting on the meat.

So raw meat should be avoided

6. You Should Feed Your Dog According To The Label Instructions

Source: today


The label instructions are just trying to give you a starting point.

The feeding proportions and timeline change from dog to dog.

Suggesting to refer to a feeding chart designed for a breed might be wrong.

The best is to consult a vet.

7. Dogs Heal Themselves By a Licking Their Wounds

Source: thepetlabco


Dogs like to see their worlds with their mouth, which lead to a lot of bacteria and germs in their mouth.

Think about where the mouth has been – In the neuter regions of other dogs, cat feces, random elements from the floor, and every other unhygienic place you can think of!

If this tongue licks a wound, think of what all bacteria would sit on the wound and make the situation worse!

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