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Parents everywhere know very well that staying glued to a phone or any other shiny screen is not healthy for their children. To provide other distractions that are healthier and can also stimulate the development of a child, parents have to think about what can be more exciting than a video game or watching YouTube videos, so they have to get really creative.

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Such an excellent recommendation is getting a pet for your child. Not that a pet should be regarded as an object or a means of entertainment, but it will teach any kid responsibility and will also stimulate his or her natural curiosity. On top of that an addition to the family should always be welcomed, because let’s face it, who doesn’t need more love? If you’re wondering what pets are excellent choices for kids, here are some suggestions that will help you get started.

1. A fluffy kitten

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Kids tend to have a short attention span, and that’s why you must focus on finding the type of animal that any child could take care of. Cats are notoriously independent, so they don’t need someone to look after them 24/7. On the contrary, they prefer to be left alone for extended times, which works great for a child who might forget about a pet that always craves attention. And until they accept one another you can always help and guide them both.

2. A loyal dog

Source: Woman’s Day

Dogs are considered the best friends humans can have, and for all the right reasons. If you don’t mind the fact that these four-legged pets do require some maintenance, you will find them an excellent pick for a child. A dog will motivate your child to go out more and have fun running around. Also, there is hardly a more profound connection than that between a kid and such a childhood friend and it’s a bond that lasts a lifetime. We shouldn’t ignore the fact that these furry pets help our little humans develop responsibility and empathy.

3. Fish in a bowl

Source: PetGuide

Not all kids are interested in animals they can pet. There are some that don’t feel the need to touch pets or aren’t really the cuddling type, and that’s perfectly fine. For those who have a natural curiosity toward exploring creatures, an excellent idea would be to get them a small bowl with fish in it. Fish don’t require a lot in terms of maintenance, and they allow them to be observed without barriers. Also, they usually are so vividly coloured that you can’t take your eyes off them. It could mean that your kid can find an inclination toward marine biology, too. Also they usually are so vividly coloured that you can’t take your eyes off them.

4. Cute hamsters

Source: Bored Panda

There can hardly be something more entertaining than a small hamster, full of energy. However, you should know that there are different species available for being kept as pets. For big hamsters, you should consider getting a larger cage since you don’t want it to feel cramped so head over to petsinuniform.com to find out more. Your kids will love the antics of these animals but be aware of the nasty smells. Although they are very clean, their cage must be regularly cleaned and the shavings changed at least once a week. Make sure to take just one hamster, or at least keep them separately if you plan on getting two more as they tend to get aggressive and fight each other.

5. A gentle turtle

Source: Pet Ponder

Another pet with the potential of becoming your child’s best friend is a turtle. It is well known that kids are fascinated with these gentle creatures that might not do much in your opinion, but are still interesting to observe. Since turtles have long lives, you don’t have to face the eventual heartache caused by the death of a pet in your child’s young soul. Make sure to get the right species, born in captivity, as you don’t want to risk your kid’s health, nor do you want to end up with a huge specimen in a couple of years.

6. A unique lizard

Source: PetHelpful

Kids might know a lot about cats and dogs, and since other children already have such pets, they might not find them as impressive. If you want to satisfy your child’s aspirations to stand out while having to care for another being, you can always opt for a unique and fascinating pet, such as a lizard. Leopard geckos, for instance, are not as pretentious as other species, since they don’t require UV lighting.

7. A small parrot

Source: Jooinn

Birds should also be on the list of animals you can pick as your child’s companion. While not as easy to pet and hold as cats and dogs, they don’t lack as much interaction as fish and reptiles. A small parrot, or a canary, can make an excellent pet for your kid. Bear in mind that cage cleanliness is essential for the health of such pets and that they need a lot of attention since they don’t like getting bored.

8. A cuddly rabbit

Source: Wallcoo.net

If you want to opt for a fluffy pet, there are hardly fluffier choices than a rabbit. While shy when it comes to contact with humans, rabbits can still be good companions for kids and may turn up to be really playful. Because of their calm demeanor, they won’t run away, and they allow kids to carry them around once they get used to them.

There are a few things you should know about rabbits, just as you have to learn about any other pet. Rabbits are social animals, so they crave attention. At the same time, they don’t appreciate being held for too long, and they will make their displeasure known. You will have to learn their body language rather quickly. So, as long as you help your kid understand how to take care of his new friend, it’s just a matter of getting used to each other.

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