9 Frustrating Video Game Experiences

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Do you fancy occurring a journey via a number of many years of online game frustration? If so, you’ve got come to the precise place, as a result of this text is all in regards to the rage-inducing titles that made one Den of Geek contributor wish to hurl his controller (or maybe a complete console) at a wall.

These are video games that solely a coronary heart surgeon would have the dexterity and persistence to finish; video games so disgustingly unfair and evil that even Satan beholds their exquisitely merciless building with envy, kicking himself that he didn’t consider them first.

With these factors in thoughts, and contemplating that this text represents one particular person’s experiences and isn’t an try at rating the toughest video games of all time, let’s get began…

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum

For these of you who’re between the ages of 30-ish and 40-ish, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum will want no introduction. It was doubtless the primary dwelling pc most of us owned. Now, it’s simple for the post-’80s whipper-snappers studying this to look again and scoff on the Spectrum’s 8-bit, jerky-graphics crappiness, however that’s a bit like touring again in time to 100AD and laughing at a chariot as a result of it isn’t a Renault Megane.

The Speccy was a tiny, spongy-keyed keyboard that linked to a cumbersome 1980s monitor and an exterior cassette participant (later generations of Speccy had a built-in cassette participant, however that was pie-in-the-sky dreaming for anybody with an earlier model). 

Let’s be truthful. There was one actually beauty of the Spectrum: the benefit with which you may copy video games. All you wanted had been two cassette gamers, considered one of which may file, and hey presto, you had your self your personal little bedroom-based pirate lab. Conversely, the worst factor in regards to the Spectrum was the benefit with which your older sister may copy over your video games. With one little strip of Sellotape she may convert your prized copy of Chuckie Egg into the Radio 1 chart present countdown. (If that sentence confuses you, ask your great-great-great-great-grandparents to elucidate it.) 

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As if all that wasn’t dangerous sufficient, the Spectrum’s loading course of itself was a form of sport: a sport to check in case you may sit patiently for twenty minutes with out all of a sudden smashing every thing in your mum and pop’s home to items. You inserted the sport cassette, pressed play, after which spent anyplace between three and 33 million minutes listening to essentially the most horrendous noise but imagined by humankind. If you’re an enormous fan of analogies, the sound of a loading Spectrum dropped at thoughts a robotic being overwhelmed up on a building website as a thousand stray cats screeched their approval.

Sometimes you waited these 33 million minutes solely to find that there’d been a loading error, or the sport was damaged, and the belief hit you that you simply’d simply subjected your self to audio torture for completely no motive. And generally, simply generally, one thing even worse than that occurred: the sport did load. 

Manic Miner (ZX Spectrum)

These days video video games are complete immersion experiences. The sport engines and fully-realized worlds through which you roam power you to determine with the protagonists you management so fully that actuality takes a again seat. 

Back in 1983, issues had been less complicated. Bug-Byte Software Ltd requested you to determine with nothing greater than a glorified white pixel, whose animation made Hanna-Barbera appear to be Pixar. He was slightly man known as Willy, the titular Manic Miner, whose mission it was to leap round in a succession of caves looking for keys to allow him to flee again to his terranean paradise, the place presumably there wasn’t fairly a lot emphasis on creatures with keys sprouting from their backs and flying bathrooms.

Unfortunately for our cursed technology, Manic Miner was developed within the days earlier than save-game checkpoints had been invented. There was no mercy: you may attain the ultimate stage with one life left, be moments from victory, and with one minutely misjudged leap end up proper again at first of the sport, doomed to endure one other slog via each nonsensical and more and more treacherous cavern. And after I say “minutely misjudged,” I imply it: if a molecule of Willy’s haircut got here inside three miles of a bush on the platform above him as he was leaping, he would immediately die. 

Once you’d misplaced that final life, you had been compelled to observe as a Monty Python-esque boot descended from the heavens and fatally crushed your wee Willy’s head.  Accompanying this charming death-screen was the form of rub-your-face-in-it sound impact that will provoke even Gandhi to trace down the inventor of the ZX Spectrum and provides him a tough stare. 

Tetris (Game Boy)

Tetris was neither developed for nor unique to the Game Boy, however on this author’s thoughts, the 2 are synonymous. For a few years, my mom stored an previous Game Boy subsequent to her bathroom, which was completely loaded with a Tetris cartridge (the Game Boy, that’s, not the bathroom: that will be a bizarre and unnecessarily costly ritual). Due to the situation of the Game Boy, a visit to the john in her home may final anyplace between 5 minutes and an hour – often the dead-legged latter.  

I might perch tingling and aching on the bathroom seat, my cold legs dangling within the method of a puppeteer-less Muppet. What oxygen remained in my physique was put to work propelling swear phrases up via my throat: the foul language as quite a few and diversified because it was creative.  

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And all all through I stored making an attempt to promote myself the previous lie: “One extra sport and I’m executed.” Yeah proper. “Just yet another sport,” I’d snarl, “and I don’t even care if I win or not. Once this sport’s completed, I swear it… I swear on all of the gods within the heavens, I’ll change it off and vacate this toilet.” Ah, what folly. 

Frustration is constructed into the sport. It’s what retains you taking part in. It’s additionally what retains you shouting issues like: “RANDOM? How can it’s RANDOM when that’s the ninth sq. block in a row? I would like a slotty peggy factor or an up-and-downy lengthy line, and also you KNOW IT, you sentient sport cartridge!”

I discover it unbelievable how shortly I can make investments a machine with the malevolent sentience of Skynet after I’m shedding at a sport. “This is what you’ve wished all alongside, isn’t it, Game Boy? To make me lose my mood and throw you throughout the room, smash you into the wall. Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

North and South (Amiga)

Infogrames’ 1988 title North and South was a trustworthy adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel of the identical title. Set in the course of the American Civil War, you performed as both the Yankees or the Confederates. The most important sport display screen was a map of the United States, round which you moved your troops till your armies dominated each territory and the final of your enemies had been vanquished. There had been three complementary sub-games accessible via the map display screen: there was a battle, a one-man run to seize an enemy fort, and a great old school money-train hijack try. 

The army-on-army battles had been essentially the most enjoyable, though not with out their style of unfairness. As a human participant, you may solely management one unit at a time. If you switched management from cavalry to infantry your horses could be left trotting aimlessly in a straight line till you reclaimed management of them, by which level they’d often met their swift and brutal deaths. If you had been battling the pc in single-player mode, you then confronted an all-powerful opponent who may management all three unit sorts concurrently. It was a bit like taking part in in opposition to Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

One of essentially the most heart-thumpingly maddening sub-games was the fort seize, which was rattling close to not possible to tug off. You rushed your little soldier throughout a scrolling two-tier panorama that was strewn with storage crates, canines, and dynamite. You may attempt to get him to mount ladders, however that was solely potential in case you lined your soldier subsequent to the stiles with scientific, pixel-perfect precision. To add to the enjoyable, all all through your lethal sprint you needed to dispatch or dodge fast-moving, knife-chucking enemy troopers – and each vein-bulging, face-slapping minute of it was in opposition to the clock. You at all times failed. When a pc opponent undertook the identical mission, it at all times gained and seemingly inside about seven seconds. It was difficult to cease their progress, provided that your strategic protection choices had been restricted to urgent both the up or the down arrow on the keyboard.

In phrases of actually epic frustration, nevertheless, nothing can come near the practice hijacks, the place with monotonous regularity your soldier was punched Popeye-style and launched from the carriage of the money-train onto the laborious, unforgiving filth under. I bear in mind it nicely. As my wee man beat his fists on the bottom because the practice retreated away from him, I used to be often to be discovered making an attempt to dismantle my keyboard with my naked arms. 

Shadow of the Beast 2 (Amiga)

The environments in Shadow of the Beast 2 had been haunting and all of the extra alien-seeming for his or her sparseness. Playing the sport gave me the identical eerie feeling I bought after I first noticed the establishing shot of the lithium-cracking station within the traditional Star Trek episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

So the sport was stunning, however stunning counts for nada if the gameplay makes you so indignant that you simply wish to scream. If you died – which was usually – you returned to the very begin of the sport. 

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There was one upside to dying: the achingly stunning pan-pipe dying music, which I can nonetheless recall with excellent readability a full 20 years after my final shot of the sport. I might suggest that you simply search it out on YouTube, after which hearken to it whereas consuming whiskey and staring wistfully out of a window. But then I’m bizarre.

Besides, dying wasn’t the worst factor that would occur to you in Shadow of the Beast 2: worst had been the moments through which you discovered your self aimlessly wandering the empty gamescape, now bereft of baddies and stripped of goal, as a result of an hour earlier you’d fluffed a puzzle or made a mistaken selection, more often than not unaware that the puzzle had even been a puzzle or the selection a selection. Ah, comfortable recollections.

Stunt Car Racer (Amiga)

Geoff Crammond’s 1989 masterpiece Stunt Car Racer is a kind of sport titles that just about speaks for itself. There’s a stunt automobile. And you race it. On a stunt course. Ah, however hold on, there’s a twist: it’s set sooner or later: deep within the heady, futuristic end-times of 2006.  

The race programs of the “future,” as imagined by Crammond, had been raised, roller-coaster-esque affairs, which necessitated the usage of cranes and chains to hoist rivals to the beginning grid. The vehicles had been fitted with turbo boosters, which to my thoughts is a probably deadly additional on automobiles designed to race 100-feet within the air on programs with out crash boundaries, however, hey, that’s stunt racing for you.  

Two drivers battled in opposition to one another over a sequence of more and more tough and death-defyingly harmful programs, progressing via the divisions with a view to taking the league title. But as a human participant, you couldn’t, as a result of the sport was so painstakingly tough. Or maybe its mastery required extra effort and persistence than this teen may muster.

Whatever harm your automobile sustained in a single race was carried over into subsequent races, that means foolish errors in an early race may wreck your probabilities of future victory. And harm was laborious to keep away from. Your automobile was designed for aerodynamics, not sturdiness: slightly an excessive amount of pace over a mere mole-hill of a bump was sufficient to ship a lightning-strike crack up the facet of your harm indicator. The kiss of dying.

Before lengthy you’ll come to the conclusion that foul play was your solely viable choice. Only one small snag in that plan: it’s not possible, too. For some motive, the CPU vehicles had been indestructible and immovable. If you seized your probability and tried to smash considered one of them off the monitor as they rounded a nook, your automobile could be the one mendacity in a smoking, smoldering heap on the bottom under. I misplaced depend of the variety of occasions I discovered myself shouting: “Well I suppose there’s no such factor as physics sooner or later, is there, Crammond?”

Ultima 8 (PC)

I beloved dwindling away my teenage years inside Ultima 8s giant and wealthy gamescape. Many will balk at my love for quantity eight, because it’s universally acknowledged to be the naff step-child of the saga. But hey, to every their very own, proper?

My solely quibble with the sport – and by quibble I imply “factor that made me wish to throw a pc out a window” – is that often it tried to cross over into the platform style, however was hopelessly ill-equipped to cope with the game-mechanics essential to make it playable.

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At numerous factors all through the sport, you needed to execute flawless jumps between platforms, be it over water, lava, or million-foot drops. Thanks to a mix of poor programming and an isometric sport grid that robbed you of depth notion and spatial consciousness, these jumps had been nearly not possible to get proper. Even in case you tried to calculate them utilizing the pooled powers of Pythagoras, Stephen Hawking, and Carol Vorderman, you’d nonetheless fail horribly. The solely technique to succeed was to avoid wasting your sport earlier than each leap and pray that blind luck would ultimately carry you thru.

“I’ll guess Crammond had one thing to do with this too!” I’d cry, punching my mouse.   

GoldenEye 007 & Mario Kart 64 (N64)

Both GoldenEye 007 and Mario Kart 64 appeared on the N64 within the late ’90s, a pair of video games most beloved for his or her multiplayer modes. I’m going to lump them collectively not as a result of they crave comparability however as a result of they had been the dual addictions that seized management of me and my pals within the twilight of our youths. We would descend upon one mate’s home for nights on finish, taking part in till we may see the video games tattooed on the insides of our eyelids every time we closed our eyes, like a paused picture without end burned onto the display screen of a plasma TV.

Four-player Goldeneye with the License to Kill mode enabled (one-shot kill) created a lot hostility between us that it turned essential to institute a UN-style constitution to defuse the strain: sure ranges and weapon-combos had been black-listed; sure “fight methods” had been discouraged; and it was strictly forbidden, underneath ache of banishment, to unpause the sport and kill one another’s characters whereas we had been within the toilet. Unfortunately, our resolutions proved ineffective. The system broke down. Chaos dominated.

There was a stage known as Facility the place one of many respawn factors was a vent above a rest room cubicle. We all agreed it was unfair to camp out on the respawn level:  the kill was seen as really easy it was tantamount to dishonest. Unfortunately, guidelines fairly shortly fly out of the window when the reward for breaking them is to see considered one of your mates actually shaking and shrieking with rage. You can’t put a worth on that.

And now we come to Mario Kart 64: a brilliant and colourful, cutesy jamboree of enjoyable and frolics that has in all probability been chargeable for tens of millions of fractured friendships and honest dying threats. I’m certain some high scientists may devise a graph to show that the cutesier a sport and its sound results, the better the fashion you expertise as a consequence of one thing unfair taking place to you whereas taking part in it – like “The Blue Shell of Death,” for instance.

This colourful assortment of pixels will smash up your kart irrespective of how laborious you attempt to keep away from it. And the probability to dish out these devilish blue shells is reserved for gamers who’re struggling in the back of the pack, giving them an unfair route again into the competitors. How are you not meant to rage when a kind of assaults you from behind?

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If you’re unfamiliar with Mario Kart 64, I can sum it up thusly with the next story: you’re a mushroom driving slightly automobile, and a princess in a pink automobile bumps into you and knocks you right into a pit of lava; you get mad and threaten revenge on the princess. Your anger is so highly effective it may very well be measured in megatons. And all of the whereas, the “good friend” that nudged you off the street within the first place is smirking from the couch because the princess careens away from the scene of the crime and races off in direction of sure victory. Great stuff.


I might contemplate myself a fairly rational human being, given to bouts of ill-temper, actually, however mainly respectable and even-keeled. But shove the Xbox twiddle-stick in my arms and shunt me off into the Halo multiplayer kill zones, and put together for an evil bastard to emerge.

It’s fortunate that I eschew the Xbox’s microphone headset as a result of had it ever been linked throughout any considered one of my many frustration-filled forays into the slayer maps, I undoubtedly would’ve been banned from Xbox for all times. And then arrested.

When I did yell at this sport (which occurred so much), the explanations I’d invent had been utter flights of livid fancy: I used to be matched in opposition to individuals whose mastery of the sport verges on suspicious, they should have been dishonest; my opponents should have all know one another and determined to gang up on me; or maybe God Himself vowed allegiance to my opponents. It was, after all, by no means this motive: I used to be slightly bit garbage. Who’d admit that? 

Co-op video games, through which you’re let down by your so-called teammates, frustrate me essentially the most, as there’s nothing extra annoying than making an attempt to play the sport nicely whereas everybody else in your group misses the purpose of the mission totally. And do not get me began on individuals who join a sport after which stand there doing nothing!

But, actually, in the case of sequence like Halo, nothing will get the blood boiling sooner than the belief that you simply’ve been defeated by individuals with call-signs like ShakeDatAss and BieberRocks.


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