Alien: Ridley Scott wants to prequel to Xenomorph eggs


Acclaimed director Ridley Scott shared his opinion on the future of the Alien franchise, saying he would like to develop a third prequel.

Speaking to the LA Times, Scott talked about returning to the franchise, saying he would like to explore the origins of the 1979 classic Xenomorph eggs.

“I think there is a lot to pick up on Alien, but I believe we have to evolve again. What I always thought about when making the first film was how a creature like that was made and why it was traveling on a kind of warship, that carried those eggs. What was the purpose of the vehicle and the eggs? This is what we have to ask – who, how and for what purpose is the new idea. “

Alien: Covenant was the latest film in the franchise to hit theaters, but it ended up not being successful. However, if we do not adjust for inflation, the ticket value at the opening weekend was one of the best in the saga.

In the past, Scott revealed that he intended to make two more sequels to Covenant, but with the acquisition of Fox by Disney, those same sequels were put in the drawer, for now.

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