All films that open until August in Portugal


Since June 1, movie theaters from the north to the south of the country have been free to open doors to the general public, but in fact, most have decided to remain closed and ensure that they have established all necessary security measures to better receive the hearings.

The fact that all the big films were postponed due to the pandemic COVID-19 also did not help to speed up the reopening of doors, but it is something that will change soon. And proof of that is that we already have a premiere calendar until the end of August.

It will begin with the screening of three films by Christopher Nolan, the acclaimed director who is preparing to debut his new feature film, Tenet. In this way, Dunkirk, Inception (which celebrates its tenth anniversary) and Interstellar return to the big screen.

In August, Marvel fans will finally be able to see The New Mutants, which has been postponed time and time again. Despite not being part of the UCM, its darker tone and linked to the genre of terror is certainly in its favor.

Capone, with Tom Hardy as the protagonist, arrives on the same day as Mulan’s live-action remake, which has also been delayed twice. It should also be noted that Warner Bros. will return to exhibit the film Wonder Woman, on the date that the sequel to Wonder Woman 1984 would premiere.

Stay with all the films that open in Portuguese cinemas until the end of August:

2nd of July

  • Dunkirk
  • The truth
  • Super Secret Agent
  • Make me Company
  • Freaks

July 9

  • The Color of Ambition
  • Military Wives-Women in Arms
  • Wasp Network
  • Mute
  • SamSam
  • Interstellar

July 16

  • In the Light of Night
  • Arkansas- King of Crime
  • Run For A Dream
  • Wonder Woman

July 23

  • Divorced Club
  • Patrick
  • Ophelia

July 30

  • Judy & Punch – Love and Vengeance
  • Zé Pedro Rock’n’Roll
  • Inception

August 6

  • Welcome to Africa
  • Impossibility of Being Alone
  • League of Fantastic Beasts

August 12th

August 13

  • Sunstroke ” Combat Station
  • The secret Garden

August 20th

  • Alice New York and Other Stories
  • Force of nature
  • Capone
  • A Highly Dragon
  • Mulan

August 27

  • #I’m here
  • The New Mutants
  • Radioactive

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