All Over Body Sculpt And Definition Tabata Workout Back Plank

All Over Body Sculpt And Definition Tabata Workout Back Plank

Get Your Free Tabata Workouts With Amir & Dianna! Keep Your Workouts Fun And Exciting! Never Get Bored And Never Plateau! Each Tabata Workout Uses The Whole Body So You Fire Off Many Muscles All At Once And Burn Tons Of Calories! Kick Up Your Workouts And See Results Fast! We Also Have Beginner Modifications And Tips And Pointers In Our Tabata Instructional Videos.
Tabata Workout is:
20 seconds of all out intense effort
10 seconds of complete rest
8 rounds 4 minutes total

Amir Solsky and Dianna Farr show you how to get a sculpted physique using the 4 minute Tabata method. For more workouts like this check us out @ PBT Brings You High Intensity Interval Training & Tabata Workouts To Get You Into The Best Shape Of Your Life! Fast and Effective, Burn Fat Like Crazy! Get Your Workout Over With In 4 Minutes! Master Fitness Trainers And Martial Artists Amir & Dianna Will Lead And Instruct You Through These Tabata Intervals That May Be Performed Anytime And Anywhere With Usually No Equipment Needed. Need To Lose Weight And Need Advise On How To Get Started? Check Us Out!
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  1. September 6, 2020

    Can you really get a workout in 4 minutes?  Yes You Can!  Check out trainer Amir Solsky & Dianna Farr as they train you through these fun and effective workouts!  Find more Tabata workouts @