An overview to the sequence in the West

Who acquires a Great House of Westeros after the fatality of his Lord and also lord? In this essay published by Galanix originally on Reddit showed for us on the techniques – and also exemptions – that compose the inheritance and also the sequence in The Seven Kingdoms.

casa baratheon

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Laws of sequence

Succession ándala

A child prior to an uncle

Almost all the Houses with the exemption of the dornienses and also the Targaryen to comply with the regulations ándalas of sequence. In in this manner, the older kid legit inherits, adhered to by the offspring of that youngster. A child can acquire if there were no siblings living, and also these siblings do not have offspring. A kid will just acquire if his older sibling passed away without a beneficiary.

Succession Targaryen

An uncle prior to a little girl

In in this manner, it prefers guys over ladies to acquire. The women lines are desheredadas, to ensure that guys normally acquire prior to ladies, also guys relevant collaterally (for instance, uncles/brothers prior to children). It is not clear exactly how this mission for male beneficiary was since he never ever needed to look much to discover a male beneficiary.

It is most likely that a female might acquire if it was the last offspring of all the lines patriarcarles (lines obtained man). For instance, a guy with a far-off connection of a women line (for instance, the kid of the sis of the king) would certainly not acquire prior to the child of a king; however a guy with a far-off connection of a male line (the kid of the sibling of the king) yes it would certainly. The Targaryen initially adhered to the sequence ándala, however after the Dance of Dragons started to follow this kind of sequence when Rhaenyra and also Aegon II defended the crown of his papa.

La Danza de dragonesThe Dance of dragons

Succession dorniense

Do not make differences in between category: the is the best a kid or a little girl legit and also their offspring that acquire.

This makes no difference in between sex; it is the earliest legit youngster and also his/her offspring that acquire.


In any kind of of these legislations of sequence, the bastards do not acquire anything. However, if a bastard is legitimized, they acquire nevertheless legit kids, consisting of ladies and also more youthful siblings. Although this is not constantly the instance and also can be factor of conflicts. This is why Roose is encouraged that Ramsay will certainly eliminate any kind of kids you have with Walda Fat, since these kids will certainly be legit and also will certainly come in the past Ramsay in his line of sequence (of Stinky II, in Dance of Dragons).

Normally just bastards identified (those welcome in your house of the papa) are legitimized. Ramsay Snow, Jon Snow, Aurane Seas, Edric Storm, Joy Hill and also the Serpents of Sand are instances of bastards being identified. People like Gendry and also Mya Stone are bastards without understanding, so it is really not likely to be legitimized in the books, since they would certainly require proof of your partnership and also not have it. In enhancement, just a king can legitimize a bastard, and also not a Lord or a Lord Protector.

Sand Snakes by ~Sir-Heartsalot on deviantARTSand Snakes by ~Sir-Heartsalot on deviantART


These legislations of sequence are not created in rock. They might be changed or prevented if a Lord you desire. For instance, Tyrion is practically the beneficiary of Tywin at the start of a Game of Thrones (considering that Jaime rejects to relinquish her pledges, and also acquire). However, Tywin states to Tyrion in a Storm of Swords that will certainly not permit you to acquire Roca Casterly, which he assign as his beneficiary to Cersei.

Another remarkable exemption are the Assemblies of the sequence of the Islands of the Iron, in which the leader is selected despite the partnership based upon a ballot. This is utilized hardly ever and also just in remarkable conditions. Is what enabled Euron to be crowned prior to that Theon and also Asha.

Multiple titles

An individual can have numerous titles. For instance, Tommen is presently in the books is King, the Lord of the Bastion of Storms and also Lord of Rocadragón. It is additionally the successor of Rock Casterly after their mommy. He might maintain the 4 titles if I wished to. Robert offered the lordship of the Bastion of Storms to his sibling Renly on purpose.


Lines of sequence of the Great Houses

I’ve consisted of all of you in the line of sequence from the moment of the Rebellion of Robert. If it shows up Jon Snow/Stark, we presume that Jon is the kid of Ned, if it shows up Jon Snow/Targaryen we presume that is public and also identified by the R+L=J.

  • Bold: Head of your house
  • Strikethrough: dead
  • Italics: not able to acquire for different factors
  1. Bastard might acquire if he is legitimized
  2. Enemy of the crown, might acquire if he is forgiven for his criminal activities
  3. He has actually taken ballots, might acquire if you forgo them
  4. Missing or assumed dead

House Stark of Invernalia

Rickard Stark > Brandon > Eddard > Robb > Bran4 > Rickon4 > Sansa4 > Arya4 > Jon Snow/Stark1&3 > Benjen3&4 > Lyanna > Jon Snow/Targaryen1&3 > different relatives in the Valley

The existing head identified of the House Stark is a counterfeit Arya Stark (Jeyne Poole) wed to Ramsay Bolton.

House Stark of Winterfell by Nieuwus on deviantARTHouse Stark of Winterfell by Nieuwus on deviantART

House Frey of the Twins

Walder Frey > Stevron > Ryman > Edwyn > Walda (child of Edwyn) > Walder the Black> > Dog > Aegon Rattlesnake > Walton > Steffon > Bryan > Walda the Beautiful> > Walder Vance > Patrek Vance > Marianne Vance > Emmon Frey> Cores > Tywin/”Ty” > Willem > Lyonel > Tion > Walder Red > Aenys > Aegon the Bloody > Rhaegar > Robert > Jonos > Walda the White > Jared > Tytos > Zachery > Zia > Kyra > Walder Goodbrook > Jeyne Goodbrook > Septón Luceon3 > Hosteen Frey > Arwood > Androw > Alyn > Ryella > Hostella > Symond > Alesander > Bradamar > Alyx > Danwell > Merrett >Walder Small > Amerei > Walda Fat> Marissa > Geremy > Sandor > Cynthea > Raymund > Robert > Malwyn > Jaime > Tywin > Serra > Sarra > Cersei > Lothar > Tysane > Walda > Emberlei > Leana > Jammos > Walder the Major > Dickon > Mathis > Whalen > Hoster > Merianne > Perwyn > Wenfrey > Osmund > Della > Master Willamen3 > Olyvar > Wendel > Fill > Waltyr > Elmar > Perriane > Harys Haigh > Walder Haigh > Donnell Haigh > Alyn Haigh > Lythene Frey > Damon Vypren > Elyana Vypren > Rickard Wylde > Morya Frey > Robert Brax > Walder Brax > Jon Brax > Tyta Frey > Roslin > Son of Roslin to Edmure> Arwyn > Shirei > Walder Rivers1 > Aemon Rivers1 > *Walda Rivers (child Aemon)1 > *Walda Rivers (sis of Aemon)*1 > various other bastards1


House Greyjoy of Pyke

Balon Greyjoy > Rodrik >indian strike > Theon > Asha > EuronAssembly of sequence > Victarion > Aeron

House Tully of Aguasdulces

Hoster Tully > Edmure > Son of Edmure > Catelyn Stark > Robb > Bran Stark4 > Rickon Stark4 > Sansa Stark4 > Arya Stark4 > Lysa Arryn > Robert “Robalito” Arryn > Brynden the Black Fish

Emmon Frey is the existing lord of Aguasdulces, considering that the Tullys have actually been disinherited.


House Arryn of the Valley

Jon Arryn > Robert/”Robalito” > Ronnel > Elbert > Alys > Jasper Waynwood > Denys > The oldest child of Alys > The kid of Denys > Las various other 7 children of Alys > Harrold “the Heir” Hardyng (the kid of the youngest child of Alys)

House Lannister de Roca Casterly

Tywin Lannister > James3 > Tyrion2 > Cersei > Joffrey > Tommen > Myrcella > Kevan > Lancel3 > Willem > Martyn > Janei > Tygett > Tyrek4 > Gerion4 > Joy Hill1 > Genna Lannister> Cleos Frey > Tywin Frey > Willem Frey > Lyonel Frey > Tion Frey > Walder Frey the Red > Stafford Lannister > Daven > Cerenna > Myrielle > Joanna > numerous various other Lannisters > Lannisters of Lannisport

House Tyrell of Altojardín

Mace Tyrell > Willas > Garlan > Loras3 > Margaery > Janna > Mine > Hours Redwyne > Hobber Redwyne > Desmera Redwyne > Garth Rude Tyrell > Garse Flowers1 > Garrett Flowers1 > Moryn Tyrell > Luthor > Theodore > Luthor > Elinor > Master Medwick3 > Olene Tyrell > I review the Vague


House Hightower of Old

Lleyton Hightower > Baelor > Garth > Gunthor > Humfrey > Malora > Alerie > Willas Tyrell > Garlan Tyrell > Loras Tyrell3 > Margaery Tyrell > Denyse Hightower > Denys Redwyne > Leyla Hightower> Alysanne > Alyn Ambrose > Lynesse Hightower > Gerold3

House Baratheon King’s Landing

Robert Baratheon> Joffrey > Tommen > Myrcella > Gendry1 > Edric Storm1 > Mya Stone1 > Stannis Baratheon2 > Shireen2 > Renly

House Baratheon Stronghold of Storm

Renly Baratheon > Robert > Joffrey > Tommen > Myrcella > Gendry1 > Edric Storm1 > Mya Stone1 > Stannis Baratheon2 > Shireen2


House Baratheon of Rocadragón

Stannis Baratheon2 > Shireen2 > Robert > Joffrey > Tommen > Myrcella > Gendry1 > Edric Storm1 > Mya Stone1 > Renly Baratheon

House Martell Spear of the Sun

Doran Martell > Arianne > Quentyn > Trystane > Mors > Olyvar > Elia > Rhaenys > Aegon Targaryen/”Young Griff” > Oberyn Martell > Obara Sand1 > Nymeria Sand1 > Tyene Sand1 > Sarella Sand1 > Loreza Sand1 > Obella Sand1 > Dorea Sand1 > Elia Sand1

House Targaryen (if we comply with the regulations of sequence Targaryen)

Aerys II Targaryen> Rhaegar > Aegon/”Young Griff” > Jon Snow /Targaryen1&3 > Viserys > Rhaenys > Daenerys > Rhaelle > Robert Baratheon > Joffrey > Tommen > Gendry1 > Edric Storm1 > Stannis Baratheon > Renly Baratheon > Myrcella Baratheon > Mya Stone1 > Shireen Baratheon


House Targaryen (if we comply with the regulations of sequence ándalas)

Aerys II Targaryen> Rhaegar > Aegon/”Young Griff” > Jon Snow/Targaryen1&3 > Rhaenys > Viserys > Daenerys > Rhaella > Robert Baratheon > Joffrey > Tommen > Myrcella > Gendry1 > Edric Storm1 > Mya Stone1 > Stannis Baratheon > Shireen Baratheon > Renly Baratheon

House Florent of Aguasclaras

Alester Florent > Alekyne > Melessa > Samwell Tarly3 > Dickon Tarly > Size Tarly > 2 Tarlys without a name (the sis of Samwell) > Rhea > Baelor Hightower > Garth Hightower > Gunthor Hightower > Humfrey Hightower > Malora Hightower > Alerie Hightower > Willas Tyrell > Garlan Tyrell > Loras Tyrell3 > Margaery Tyrell > Denyse Hightower > Denys Redwyne > Leyla Hightower > Alysanne Hightower > Alyn Ambrose > Lynesse Hightower > Axell Florent> Ryam > Erren > Imry > Selyse > Shireen Baratheon > Colin Florent > Merrell > Master Omer3 > Delena Florent> Alester Norcross > Renly Norcross > Edric Storm1 > Rylene

All of residence Florent has actually been disinherited of Aguasclaras by the crown since of his assistance for Stannis Baratheon. Garlan Tyrell is the Lord existing.

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