Angelina Jolie is Feeling ‘Trapped and Humiliated’

There are some rumors and stories concerning the present state of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. She is feeling ‘trapped’ as she has to reside in the identical metropolis the place her ex-husband Brad Pitt resides.

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A supply talked about one thing to National Enquirer, “The sight of everyone fawning over Brad made Angie sick to her stomach.” The supply was speaking concerning the latest occasion through which Brad Pitt took a win. He gained an award through the Golden Globes occasion for his position and efficiency within the Quentin Tarantino film titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “She put a brave face on the situation, saying she didn’t want to be with those superficial people anyway, but the fact that she was so brutally snubbed was a huge kick in the teeth!” stated the insider. He additional added, “It’s made her more determined than ever to leave L.A. as soon as she can, and she’s even making noises about quitting acting to focus on full-time charity work!”

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As said by the identical insider, Jolie will not be feeling snug residing in the identical place as Pitt. “She would love nothing more than to leave Brad and his phony buddies to rot in California while she and the kids pursue a more intellectual and worthy life overseas.” The insider additionally said how she want to be extra in Europe and lead a extra thrilling life together with her six youngsters she shares together with her former husband. “But she still has an ego, and being treated like some type of evil black sheep has got her blood boiling big-time!”

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Her weight can be a difficulty, as she is experiencing some issues consuming with all of the problems taking place in her life. “She used to eat half a bowl of cereal in the morning and a small salad and piece of pizza later on in the day, but she can’t stomach even that anymore. The sight and smell of food seems to turn her stomach, which is in knots over her ongoing custody war with Brad,” the insider concluded.

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