Artificial intelligence robot to star in science fiction movie


Immune to the epidemic of COVID-19 or any other virus, Erica is a robot equipped with artificial intelligence, which will show the potential of this new technology in the film industry. Main star of “b”, a science fiction film, Erica is an expert in “method acting”. Jared Leto take care.

Erica was created by Japanese scientists Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa, as part of their study in robotics, having also taught artificial intelligence performing arts, applying the principles of “method acting”.

Method acting is a form of performance in which the actors involve their own life experiences in the role they embody. In the particular case of Erica, a robot with no life experience, it was necessary to stimulate her emotions and movements, in order to control the speed of her movements, the expression of her emotions and body language.

The plot of b was created by Eric Pham, Tarek Zohdy, and Sam Khoze, revolving around a scientist who discovers the dangers of a program designed to perfect human DNA. After this revelation, he decides to help the woman he created through this program, played by Erica, to escape.

Erica’s debut in the world of cinema was originally intended for another project, which would be directed by Tony Kaye, of American History X. Due to professional incompatibilities, this collaboration fell apart. For now, producers of b are still looking for an actor to act against artificial intelligence and a director. Some of the scenes in the film were already filmed in Japan in 2019 and producers hope to resume work in Europe in June 2021.

Film b marks the debut of artificial intelligence in the lead role and is funded by Bondit Capital Media, Happy Moon Productions and Ten Global Media, which in total secured a budget of $ 70 million. Previously, Bondit Capital Media has funded films such as To the Bone and Loving Vincent, nominated for best animated Oscar.

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