Astrology 101: The Aquarius Love Compatibility Guide

Happy birthday, superb Aquarius! As our reward to you, we whipped up this helpful love compatibility information so you’ll be able to try the professionals and cons of your romantic match-ups with each different signal. Read on to get the astrological perspective in your love life…

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Aquarius with Aries:

Best factor: You and Aries share a love for experiencing new issues which might be thrilling and broaden your perspective in life. You will thouroughly take pleasure in all of the adventures you’ve got collectively.

Worst factor: Your targets in life deal with doing good for the entire of humanity, whereas Aries tends to be all about what’s finest for them. Beware of these worth clashes!

Aquarius with Taurus:

Best factor: You will love the soundness of being with a Taurus, and recognize how right down to earth and real they’re.

Worst factor: Taurus wishes to spend heaps of one on one time with you, whilst you need to carry all of your family members collectively; their want for personal couple time would possibly really feel stifling for you.

Aquarius with Gemini:

Best factor: Both clever, talkative, witty, and distinctive, you and Gemini actually get one another. You may have an especially satisfying relationship.

Worst factor: Over time, Gemini’s moody and changeable nature might grate on you, as you crave a bit extra steadiness and predictability in your life.

Aquarius with Cancer:

Best factor: With Cancer, you’ve got lastly discovered somebody who matches your beneficiant nature. The two of you’ll benefit from the give and take of nurturing one another.

Worst factor: Cancer calls for rather a lot of emotional intimacy and closeness; you need house and independence. This may be extraordinarily tough to navigate.

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Aquarius with Leo:

Best factor: You shall be fascinated and drawn to Leo’s optimistic, pleasant character. As the connection grows, you’ll discover the 2 of you’ve got a lot in frequent, masses of enjoyable collectively, and rather a lot to be taught from each other.

Worst factor: Both social creatures, you could discover it arduous to create intimate one-on-one time collectively, as you all the time appear to be out and about, entertaining friends, touring, and so forth.

Aquarius with Virgo:

Best factor: A shared love of communication means the 2 of you’ll love spending hours discussing every thing from poetry to politics.

Worst factor: The extra time you spend with Virgo, the extra you understand that they’re greater than a bit neurotic, and also you don’t like getting caught up in that sort of vitality.

Aquarius with Libra:

Best factor: Being with a Libra shall be a simple, harmonious, and deeply fulfilling relationship for you. The two of you’ll shortly kind a bond primarily based on real love and appreciation for one another.

Worst factor: Too a lot air (as you might be each air indicators) can result in distance between you — you’ll be able to simply neglect you might be lovers and solely deal with the good friend connection.

Aquarius with Scorpio:

Best factor: You will love the devotion and loyalty Scorpio has for you. They are very clear about what they want, and if you end up what they want, nicely, it’s a reasonably superb feeling.

Worst factor: On a deeper degree, you and Scorpio have such completely different desires, wants, and methods of being that you could be discover you merely can not make issues work out in a mutually satisfying manner.

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Aquarius with Sagittarius:

Best factor: You and Sagittarius shall be instantly drawn to 1 one other, and that attraction will solely improve. Both of you might be enjoyable, open-minded, adventurous, and have a optimistic outlook in life — sure, please!

Worst factor: Because you each love and worth your independence, you could discover yourselves rising aside over time.

Aquarius with Capricorn:

Best factor: Capricorn is an especially centered and decided particular person. You not solely admire them for this, however it additionally means that you can belief them fully and totally perceive their motivations.

Worst factor: You are all the time looking out for brand spanking new experiences and views, whereas Capricorn tends to be extra inflexible and managed — this will trigger a big rift between you.

Aquarius with Aquarius:

Best factor: You two may have an immediate bond. You inherently perceive and worth one another. This relationship will most probably begin as a finest good friend relationship and develop from there.

Worst factor: Both of you’ve got very robust opinions about the best way issues “should” be completed, which may create a each day energy wrestle over the littlest variations.

Aquarius with Pisces:

Best factor: You and Pisces will carry out the optimistic dreamer in one another. There should not many individuals who can recognize and nurture this half of you want Pisces will.

Worst factor: It’s potential that you just two will get caught in that dream land, and by no means find yourself doing a lot of something in any respect.

Original by: Winona Dimeo-Ediger & Katelyn Kollinzas

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