Back to the Future: Why You’ll Never See More Eric Stoltz Marty McFly Footage


But Gale’s reasoning for keeping the footage out of the public eye is more about respect for Stoltz as a performer, as well as the unfortunate realities of internet culture, than the quality of the performance itself.

“Eric’s a working actor [and] a working director,” Gale says. “The idea of shining a light on that and having everybody snipe at him on the internet, which is what they would do. ‘Oh, my God. He sucks.’ Whatever nasty things people would say, we don’t want to do that to him. He doesn’t deserve that. He came to work. He did the best that he could. We made a mistake and we cast the wrong guy. We were able to rectify that, but we don’t want Eric Stoltz to go down in history, his biggest claim to fame, like Pete Best and the Beatles, he’s the guy who wasn’t in Back to the Future. Eric’s done some really good movies, both in front of and behind the camera. And we do this out of respect for him and to not denigrate him.”

That’s an incredibly classy answer, not to mention being extremely candid. While Eric Stoltz may not have been the right Marty McFly, he is a terrific actor and director regardless. It’s important for “fans” eager to see this footage and looking to drag him for not delivering the same kind of performance as Michael J. Fox to remember this. It’s an interesting curiosity to be sure, but all that ultimately matters is how great that the Back to the Future franchise turned out. And it’s pretty evident that it is one that is, well, timeless.

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