‘Bad Girls Club’ Member Nicole Vargas Arrested for Performing Sexual Act in Public, Battery

Bad Girls Club cast member Nicole “Nicky” Vargas is living up to the show’s name.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that Vargas, 28, was arrested last week in Cape Canaveral, Florida after performing oral sex on her boyfriend, 23-year-old Colton Voegele, while topless and in plain view, according to TMZ.

(Photo: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office)

It is reported that multiple people witnessed the lewd act, which occurred in the parking lot of an apartment complex, and one witness confronted the couple in an attempt to get them to take their business somewhere more private. The interruption reportedly caused things to grow violent, with Vargas ripping the witness’ shirt and punching him in the chest and the back of the head.

“Nicole (Vargas) proceeded to rip the victim’s shirt off by the neck causing the buttons to rip out, punch him in the chest with a closed fist and hit the victim on the back of the head,” deputies wrote in an arrest report, according to Florida Today.

When authorities arrived to the scene, Vargas allegedly attempted to run away before Deputy Matthew Olka ran and caught up with her. During the arrest, she attempted to “roll away” from the deputy, but a witness helped secure her to be handcuffed.

Both Vargas and Voegele were arrested and charged with unnatural and lascivious acts in public, battery, and exposure of sexual organs.

Voegele is being held at the Brevard County Jail Complex on $1,500 bond. Vargas has since been released on bond.

Vargas is not the only Bad Girls Club cast member to make headlines in recent months.

In November, cast member Natalie Nunn had a rough run-in with an American Airlines employee and publicly slammed the company.

Nunn told TMZ that she and her daughter Journey were waiting in the First Class line at the American check-in desk and were getting dirty looks from the attendant who she claims asked her if she knew she was in the First Class line.

The attendant then gave Nunn a difficult time, she claimed, with getting her daughter added to the flight itinerary, and even, according to Nunn, insulted the 7-month-old baby’s name by laughing, asking why she would name her Journey.

This angered Nunn, who told the attendant, “I’m gonna walk away from this counter before I beat your a–.”

The attendant, Nunn claimed, then threatened to cancel her First Class tickets, which she supposedly did, giving Nunn’s seats to other passengers and booking the reality TV personality in coach seating.

Nunn said that after she began tweeting at American about her issues, representatives from the airline met her at the gate, returned her original seats to her, and offered her complimentary champagne.

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