Batman: Arkham Asylum – Revisiting the Game 10 Years Later

Though it would now appear unusual to suppose it, the artwork of adapting superheroes into video video games hasn’t at all times been as high-flying as the topics they depict. Before 2009, they not often managed to flee “meh” territory, if something.

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Superman 64 noticed the Man of Steel preventing Kryptonite gasoline clouds, the X-Men have been continuously accomplished an injustice in every little thing that didn’t have “Legends” as a subtitle, and, whereas Treyarch did piggyback off GTA III’s successes for the much-beloved Spider-Man 2, who may overlook that horrible Iron Man film tie-in sport that had you shoot missiles at countless waves of tanks and helicopters? We haven’t!

This all modified when a comparatively unknown developer named Rocksteady sought to buck what had come earlier than, selecting to not base its interpretation of DC’s Dark Knight on any upcoming film model and as a substitute plow forward with an authentic take. Batman: Arkham Asylum launched in 2009 to each industrial and important acclaim, laying the muse for which many different video games (not simply these based mostly on superheroes) have been constructing upon ever since.

In the 12 months of its 10th anniversary, we thought it value highlighting what made Batman: Arkham Asylum so nice…

Mention Batman: Arkham Asylum and one immediately conjures ideas of Rocksteady’s notorious promise to allow you to “Be the Batman.” It’s a declare that many shrugged off as typical advertising converse, previous to launch, but it solely takes mere moments of dealing with Brucie boy to understand that this was no false boast. Fighting as Batman feels simply as brutal because it ought to, with the Caped Crusader’s fists hitting enemies with the burden of what looks like sandbags stuffed with cement.

Dodging knife swipes, beautiful thugs with only a swoosh of the cape… These actions, mixed with a brand new strategy to a combo-driven melee system Rocksteady dubbed “Freeflow fight,” allow you to reside the fantasy of being a pointy-eared vigilante with daddy points, as you unleashed a flurry of sunshine punches and kicks, shifting shortly between. Batman additionally had the flexibility to dam and counter oncoming assaults, which means that you possibly can simply undergo a whole wave of enemies with out receiving a single hit. Freeflow fight by itself would have been sufficient to promote Arkham Asylum as the last word Batman simulator, nevertheless it’s elevated additional by all of its refined parts.

Confined to the twisting corridors that make up Gotham City’s mysterious asylum, Batman isn’t all brawn – once in a while, he must do some precise investigative work. He is the world’s biggest detective, in any case. Piecing collectively the puzzles and mysteries inside the asylum’s partitions afforded gamers the prospect to expertise one other aspect of the Dark Knight so usually ignored by the films, which often favor punching over detecting.

There’s additionally a stealth aspect that so usually falls to the wayside within the motion pictures. Thankfully, Arkham Asylum featured Predator Mode, which allowed you to take down a room stuffed with baddies. Swooping from gargoyle to gargoyle and ready for the proper second to strike, stringing an individual up after which spooking the remaining with a well-timed Batarang throw by no means bought outdated. It additionally compelled gamers to make use of a little bit of technique, like taking pawns out on a chessboard. It added a little bit of complexity to the gameplay.

While its sequels expanded the scope and spectacle of the collection, there’s one thing to be revered about limiting Batman to a smaller open-world location in Arkham Asylum. Rocksteady used this setting to its benefit, incorporating Metroidvania parts that tasked Batman with backtracking by means of the Asylum’s many interconnected rooms and chambers to be able to discover new secrets and techniques he’d missed earlier than. Batman outfitted new devices as he progressed as nicely, which made discovering new locations to discover extra enjoyable. The asylum itself was a densely packed gauntlet stuffed with Riddler trophies to seek out and Easter eggs to understand.

It helps that, for as well-realized as its character and places have been, Arkham Asylum’s plot was a easy one, impressed by the rather more advanced Grant Morrison and Dave McKean comedian of the identical. Joker has taken over the establishment within the hopes of making a superhuman military utilizing Bane’s Titan method, trapping the Dark Knight with all of his rogues within the course of. Both Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy reprised their roles as Batman and the Joker respectively, legitimizing Rocksteady’s aim of creating the sport as genuine a Batman expertise as potential. As such, Hamill was in high kind, stealing each scene along with his manic voice, whereas Conroy did his greatest brooding since Batman: The Animated Series.

Arkham Asylum noticed you butt heads with such celebrated villains as Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and, maybe most memorably, Scarecrow by means of some significantly sketchy dream sequences. It was in these sections that Rocksteady as soon as once more demonstrated its affection for DC’s universe, delving into the psyche of orphaned Bruce as he ventured by means of the metaphoric hellscape that’s his world falling aside. You guided the Caped Crusader within the try and dodge the outsized Scarecrow’s searchlight, taking part in cat and mouse till you reached the highest. Forced stealth sections like this often go down like a lead balloon in most video games, however Arkham Asylum used it as an excuse so as to add to the lore in a cool method.

As impressed as Rocksteady’s first Batman outing is, for essentially the most half, even Arkham Asylum couldn’t keep away from among the trappings that plague numerous trendy video games. The climactic combat with a brilliant jacked-up Joker nonetheless feels uncharacteristic a full decade later, but any frustration is at the very least halted considerably once you study that the Clown Prince of Crime’s actions had ongoing repercussions in sequels Arkham City and Arkham Knight. Most different boss encounters have been appropriately on level, with clashes towards Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery feeling simply as epic as they ever did on the comedian e-book web page.

Ultimately, Batman: Arkham Asylum marked a notable shift in how the online game world considered superhero video games, proving to AAA publishers that licensed releases now not wanted be despatched to the discount bin, so long as they got the right consideration by a passionate developer that cared concerning the mental property. Rocksteady exceeded expectations in its dealing with of Batman in Arkham Asylum, refining such concepts as Predator Mode, gadget selection, and freeflow fight in later titles – to the purpose that the latter has been aped numerous occasions in video games like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Mad Max, and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Currently, we don’t know what lies forward for Rocksteady and Batman. Whatever it’s, nevertheless, you may guess that players will bounce on the probability to mutter these phrases to themselves as soon as once more: “I’m Batman”.

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