Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Leads to Battlefield 5 Reveal Date

In case you didn’t know, many recent Battlefield games have featured an incredibly hard to find Easter egg. Typically, these Easter eggs are only uncovered after multiple people spend months – or even years – working together to follow the breadcrumbs that lead to them. 

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Well, fans have finally uncovered Battlefield 1’s Easter egg and have seemingly been rewarded with Battlefield V‘s reveal date for their efforts. 

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It began with a door that the game’s player base took to calling the “zombie door.” There was no obvious way to open this door, but it was clear that there was something behind it as players could hear zombie-like noises coming from the other side. Thus began the great effort to actually open this door to see what secrets it contained. 

The level of work that went into opening that door was nothing short of tremendous. Afer finding a series of switches expertly hidden across the map that contains the zombie door, players were able to open it only to discover even more cryptic clues. Somehow, players were able to determine that the seemingly meaningless markings found in the room were meant to represent the numbers on a digital clock. When using the numbers discovered via this method, players were able to solve the puzzle behind the door and were rewarded with a very special dog tag for their efforts. 

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However, that isn’t all the room contained. After digging even deeper, hunters found that the sounds coming from the room’s leaking pipes emitted a morse code. That morse code spelled out the URL: Go to that website, and you’ll find the date May 23, 2018. This date seemingly refers to when the next Battlefield game will be formally revealed. 

It’s hard not to be impressed with the findings of the large group of players who uncovered these mysteries. Working off of nothing more substantial than a mysterious door, they were able to solve a series of puzzles more cryptic than those featured in actual puzzle games. As for what, exactly, awaits us on May 23, we’ll be sure to bring you more information at that time. 

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