Best Summer Game Sales (2020): Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, and More


E3, the annual videogame conference, has been canceled—not because it tweeted something it shouldn’t have, but in the literal sense. It’s among the many conventions forced to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can still watch all of the virtual presentations from game developers and console makers from the comfort of your laptop at home.

The in-person conference may have come to a halt, but the game industry’s long-standing tradition of videogame sales during June lives on. No matter what console you’re shopping for, these sales are worth checking out. We’ve rounded up our favorite deals below, and we’ll update this list throughout the month as more announcements come.

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Microsoft’s Deals

Photograph: Microsoft 

Microsoft’s sale feels like peeking inside a loot box. Take your pick of discounted consoles, games, memberships, and more. This sale runs through June 15. Check out all of Microsoft’s deals here, but we’ve highlighted our top picks.

Nintendo Deals

Photograph: Nintendo
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