Black Ops Cold War Beta Now Free for All PS4 Users, New Mode Added


If you’ve been waiting for your chance to try out Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the PlayStation 4, your wait is over. After first launching only for people who had already pre-ordered a digital version of the game, the Black Ops Cold War beta is now available for all PlayStation 4 owners regardless of if they’ve put any money down on the game or not. It’ll be live for the rest of the weekend and into Monday with some more content added throughout the rest of the beta before it eventually comes to the Xbox One and PC platforms.

Following perfectly in line with the Black Ops Cold War beta schedule laid out previously by the developer, Treyarch announced on Saturday that the beta is now open to everyone on the PlayStation 4. Dates were given before without specific times attached to the new releases, but as long as you’ve got a PlayStation 4 and room to download the beta, you’re good to go now.

Along with the beta now being more available to everyone, there’s also a new mode that’s been added. It’s called Combined Arms: Assault, and it’s joining Friday’s mode called VIP Escort in the beta until it ends on Monday. The level cap is staying the same at Level 25 though, so if you’re already close to that, don’t stress about leveling up too much more since you can’t go higher than 25 anyway.

Details about that mode and more were shared previously in a roadmap for the content releasing throughout the beta, though we’ve gotten to the end of the roadmap now. Treyarch said it’ll have additional updates for the beta throughout the time it’s available, so even if we don’t get new content, we may see the existing content adjusted over the next few days and during the following week.

Though those who download the beta now won’t get as much of a head start on the content as those who pre-ordered did, you’ll still get quite a bit of playtime in before the other platforms get the game. Players on the Xbox One and PC platforms will be able to play starting on October 15th if they pre-ordered the game while October 17th will mark the time when the beta is fully available to everyone across all platforms.

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