Black Ops Cold War Zombies Makes the Mystery Box Even More Valuable


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is bringing back the Mystery Box to its Zombies mode, a staple of the Zombies mode that itself is a staple in Treyarch’s takes on the Call of Duty franchise. The Mystery Box has always been an invaluable if sometimes inconsistent tool for arming players with better weapons at the risk of randomness, but it’s being made even better in the new Call of Duty game. Players dumping cash into the Mystery Box will find that they’ve got an even better chance of getting a high-rarity weapon than they would if they were buying something off the wall.

That may sound like an obvious statement, it doesn’t just mean that the Mystery Box has a chance of giving you a weapon you wouldn’t normally get. To understand why this is a big deal for players getting into the higher rounds, you have to go back and revisit Treyarch’s explanation of weapon rarities in the Zombies mode. Individual weapons will have different tiers of rarities like Epic and Uncommon associated with them which will determine what attachments and damage output they have. This means that while you may purchase a weapon from the wall once and get a loadout that has one notable attachment, if you buy that weapon again later on, you’ll get the same weapon but with different attachments and power levels.

As for the Mystery Box’s role in all this, Treyarch said it’ll have increased odds of spitting out a high-rarity weapon when the later the rounds go. It’ll also give players the chance to roll for a Legendary weapon they’ve kept around for 10 rounds so that you can keep the same weapon while swapping it out for a much better version.

On top of all that, the Mystery Box now includes things like Sentry Turrets and War Machines to quickly dispose of waves of zombies.

“Previously, if you found a strong weapon in the Mystery Box, you had very little motivation to return,” Treyarch said. “Now, even if you roll a weapon that you’re happy with early in the game, you can return 10 Rounds later and try to roll the Legendary version. The Mystery Box also now includes Support items, such as the Sentry Turret and War Machine, which always come in handy.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches with its Zombies mode and more on November 13th.

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