While There, The Analysis


Since the first full-length feature film, in 1995 – “Toy Story” – Pixar has come to prominence in the face of all the other major studios in the animation films are concerned. For more than two years later, cemented his status as the best producer of some of the most popular and original animated movies. With a reputation built on the first two films, “Toy Story,” and following the huge success of box office and critical success, such as “ Monsters and co.”, ”finding Nemo” “The Incredibles – Os Super-Heróis”, ”Car “Ratatui”, “Wall-E”, “Up Strongly”, “Playful Mind”, “Coconut”, and in the third, and the fourth installment of the “Toy Story”.

This is an impressive list of titles that came to the top of the choices of the majority of the fans of animation, and kids and adults alike. Because this has always been the greatest asset of a Security: to make films that appeal to the imagination of the little ones, with a write-accessible to the kids, but they show enough maturity to attract as well as adults – combined with the superior quality and revolutionary digital animation – all combine in the creation of the worlds, the original, as the only Pixar knows how to do, how to give life to inanimate objects, or ownership of the animal, and the animals are generally not so dear to us, such as, for example, a rat that cooks as well as Anthony Bourdain.

Over the past few years, I’ve been losing a bit of faith in their animated films in general (including the Security), whether it is due to over-driven child, in its approach, the message is somewhat simplistic, and over and over again, and, above all, the constant recycling of ideas and of the same character, they do not create anything truly new. Just a matter of easy money for the big studios to make sequels using the same characters, and without making any major changes to the premise (I’ve Lost count at how many of the films in the “Shrek” have been released).

Even so, Pixar has maintained its quality, and in most of his films, at that – and in spite of my decline of interest in animated movies (I am getting too old for this?) – I am tempted to see all of your new ideas to life. And here we enter in the “While in There”.

“While There,” it tells the story of the brothers-Ian and Barley Lightfoot, two of the elves of blue skin that live with their mother, live in a world of fantasy, build a society somewhat similar to our own, but with magical elements, and without any human contact. Elves, trolls, fairies, dwarves, and centaurs are all part of this world, who has already driven most of the magic-and-witchcraft – in particular at the time of the middle ages – which, with the passage of generations gradually became forgotten and was replaced by the current technology.

Ian and Barley Lightfoot, two of the elves of blue skin that live with the mother.

The young brothers and sisters still believe in the magic that is there, and you go on your trip, or should I say, to embark on a quest, to mystic, to be able to complete the spell to get through half of it. The spell goes back to the living for a period of twenty-four hours, the father, died while the two were still children. And when I say that it was half full, I am being literal, because his father, Ian, and Barley to the fact that you return to your life, but only one-half of the body, the lower back. Yes, it’s just the legs up to the waist. For the purposes of communication makes it difficult for the young elves, but for the purposes of comic it is a small wonder. To this the originality of Pixar at its best.

The way that the film depicts a world of wonder transformed itself into a modern civilization, it is a very well-known. There are schools, highways, and vehicles are modern, imposing the estate of the Barley), but there are also dragons as pets, and the centaurs the police, and with a funny gang of bikers consisting of fairies, sprites, among other characteristics, and caricatures of supporting characters, it’s the journey of the brethren is offering.

In the original version of we are the voices of the Avengers, Tom Holland’s (Spider-Man) and Chris Pratt (Starlord), and the two actors that will fill your with the elves of character and charisma. He is timid and shy, and the socially inappropriate (Peter Parker?) and the Barley, the older brother, is impulsive, and strong (as Peter Quill?). The bond between them is strong and grows even more so with the passage of time, in which the desire to come back to be able to be around for one day, the father overcomes all barriers. This one will, and one extra set of hands to cast spells, and charms, and the style of the Harry Potter series.

In general, the story of “We in There” is not in itself innovative (“Coco” had already developed in much more depth on the subject of life after death, but it’s entertaining enough, and this message is typically Disneyesca” is there in all its splendor highlights the values of family, friendship, courage, and self-confidence. But it suffers by being a little bit rushed, predictable, and has a tone much more childish compared to some of the earlier works of the pioneers of the studio. It’s a good, light movie for the family, with a generous dose of kindness and a good sense of adventure, but it’s far from being a milestone in the legacy of Disney and Pixar.

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