Bridgerton Soundtrack Details: Which Modern Pop Songs Are Used?


I really like an excellent interval drama that eschews “period-appropriate” tunes (no matter meaning, if you’re speaking non-diegetic music) to go along with one thing a bit extra trendy. The Bridgerton soundtrack takes this route, with a twist. The Netflix collection consists of classical variations of a handful of modern pop tunes, from Ariana Grande to Shawn Mendes classical covers.

“Everything on the show has a contemporary sensibility to it,” Bridgerton showrunner Chris Van Dusen instructed Seventeen. “Even though we’re in the 19th century, you sometimes forget about that and that’s intentional. We wanted modern audiences to relate to the show and see themselves on screen.”

Speaking to Oprah Mag particularly in regards to the Bridgerton soundtrack, Van Dusen stated: “The music for us was kind of an evolution we found when making the show as the cuts were coming in. It really goes to the idea of making this feel different than your other period shows. Whether it’s music or the world of the show, the scripts, the sets, the costumes; it all comes back to infusing things through our own unique modern lens and making things feel relatable to whoever’s watching.”

Alexandra Patsavas was the music supervisor on Bridgerton, and we actually don’t speak sufficient about how a lot Patsavas’ work has helped form the previous couple of many years of standard tradition. Patsavas has been behind the soundtrack curation on initiatives like The Twilight SagaThe O.C.Grey’s Anatomy, and Gossip Girl—motion pictures and (principally) TV recognized for the way integral their soundtrack has been to their storytelling.

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