Bungie announces big list of improvements for Destiny 2


And it promises to communicate better from now on.
After consecutive weeks of criticism , Bungie finally responded to the community’s concerns with a gigantic list of improvements coming to Destiny 2 as part of updates planned for December, January and the following months.

But before we look at the list of improvements, Bungie acknowledged their lack of communication and promised to improve from now on, saying that “we know that it is frustrating when there is not enough dialogue with the development team. do a better job from now on. ”

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The purpose of the updates will be to deepen the rewards for more dedicated players, give players more control over how they can earn rewards, make Shards more useful by adding more things to spend on, and launching quality corrections when possible. Here is the list of improvements detailed by Bungie.

New systems and rewards

  • Masterworks, a new tier for guns. They include statistics (defeated enemies), re-rollable and random bonuses, and generate orbs in multikills
  • Best seller rewards and ways to buy items directly with Legendary Shards and Tokens
  • Addition of Armor Ornaments that guarantee visual permutations when players complete specific challenges

Better incentives for players completing Prestige activities

  • The January update will bring better incentives to complete the Prestige activities

Best rewards and repeat value for Strikes, Adventures and Lost Sectors

  • In December will be introduced Heroic Strikes and more generous rewards
  • The rewards for the Adventures and Lost Sectors are on the radar but will not arrive in the December updates

Private matches for Crubile

  • We are still aiming for the beginning of 2018 and expect to have a better forecast in the new year
  • We will also move the PVP Ranked to the top of our list of priorities in the next to support the competitive community

Adjustments to the Crucible as the Supremacy score and better spawn rules

  • In December we will introduce additional updates and bug fixes to improve these areas of the Crucible

Better incentives to complete Crucible matches (and penalties for those who give up competitive matches)

  • A drop-out penalty system is under development and you can expect an update on this system in the new year

Improvements to the Iron Banner and Factions, including unique rewards

  • The next Iron Banner and Faction Meeting will introduce improvements in both areas

Changes to make the economy of mods more interesting and impactful

  • Gunsmith will have updates on how Mods are purchased
  • We are exploring more updates to this system in the new year

Improvements to Exotic, including tweaks to reduce duplicate instance

  • We have plans to upgrade the Exotics down performance
  • Duplication protection will be added to the exotic ones in the new year

New Ways to Spend Excess Currency and Materials

  • Players will be able to spend Tokens and Legendary Shards in the vendors inventory
  • Xur will have new items
Interface for emotes to equip Salty, Spicy Ramen, Six Shooter, and Flip Out simultaneously

  • Improvements to the emotes interface are still on the list, you can expect news about this system in the new year

In relation to the reduction of XP

Bungie also clarified what happened to the XP earnings. Players discovered that XP wins in some activities was drastically reduced. The system was deactivated last week, but now Bungie offered a more in-depth explanation.“Our intention was to keep slower activities as rewarding as highly intensive grinding without confusing variations in the XP values ​​shown, but the silent nature of this mechanics betrayed the expectation of transparency you have of Destiny 2,” it was said.

“We were able to disable the system with a server change, but the new solution is to balance XP on Destiny 2. We started working on that and we will continue to offer updates on the plans.”

Above all, Bungie guarantees that “we will continue this dialogue as open and as frequent as possible. It will be a continuous process, but we are committed to continue.”

After this list of improvements listed by Bungie, are you going back to Destiny 2?

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