Call of Duty Warzone Update Includes Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw Skins


The rest of the cosmetics are solid. The chainsaw skins look phenomenal, and the less we have to dive into the “Squealer” horn, the better off we’ll all be. Generally speaking, the aesthetics of Texas Chainsaw Massacre work fairly well in this context.

As for Saw…well, that’s a bit more of a mixed bag. The “Billy” skin is funny to the point that we’d almost suspect that it was designed to be slightly more amusing. The rest of the collection is fine, but we’d argue that the Saw aesthetic just isn’t as established and identifiable as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That being said, the tuxedo alone will likely make that character’s skin quite popular.

Again, neither of these content packages has officially been revealed as of yet, but the reliability of the source and the quality of the leaked media would certainly tend to suggest that these are the real deal. What remains to be seen is whether or not these will be released before the upcoming Warzone Halloween event or during the event itself. We suppose you also can’t rule out the possibility that more seasonal skins will be added, but it feels like the data for those would have been uploaded at the same time.

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