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Physical activity reduces risk of 13 types of cancer

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Moving the body does more for your mind than you can think. With a tremendous physical and mental impact, anxiety is one of the pathologies that most interferes with people’s quality of life, increasing their isolation, social exclusion and general malaise. Although the fight against anxiety depends on person to person, the truth is that …


The race is about sports with more love-hate relationships, but for health, it’s better to enjoy a run. They are only a few meters, a kilometer, five kilometers, ten kilometers, a half-marathon, a marathon-it does not matter. Running is good for the body and mind and this is one of the health activities with the …


To run you have to have energy and to have energy you have to eat … and well. Here are the foods that are allied to the long races. The practice of physical exercise always requires a diet plan that is tailored to the needs of the athlete and the type of training performed frequently. …