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Flies are much more dangerous than you ever imagined

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Did you know that acid-fighting drugs should always be taken 30 minutes before dinner? The effectiveness of medications is not only dependent on the body of each person, the time taken are also a determining factor. After all, says the Spanish doctor Marta Garaulet, “we must consider both the metabolism of the drug and the …


If you think that food only drives the appearance of cavities, you are wrong. There are also good options for stopping this malady. The good health of the teeth does not depend only on a daily and effective cleaning, nor so much on the reduced consumption of drinks and foods that they can dye. Excluding …


Eating slowly, savoring every mouthful of food and without distractions is, increasingly, a luxury for many people. But it is critical to health, according to a study presented at the conference of the US Association of Cardiology. Devouring food quickly does not give the brain enough time to register that we are satisfied. And it …


Scientists have discovered that two types of flies that are very common in urban environments can carry more diseases than previously thought. The housefly (Musca domestica) and the fly fly (Chrysomya megacephala) each carry more than 300 types of bacteria , according to a study by researchers at Penn State University in the United States. …