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These may be the first images of the Galaxy S9

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New headphones stimulate brain to release pleasure hormone

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What if the next generation Samsung battery fully charge in 12 minutes?

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A new patent has emerged that points to this Apple intention. You might think you only need your fingers to interact with the iPhone, but judging by the latest patent submitted by Apple, it looks like something that might be feasible in the future. As 9to5mac says, the patent describes a method for identifying the …


With the new Galaxy S9, Samsung seems to have further reduced the smartphone’s display frame. With the Galaxy S8, Samsung took the opportunity to reduce the screen frame and offer its fans an attractive design, a field where the South Korean tech wants to continue giving letters to the successor, Galaxy S9. This seems evident …


Only 17% of the world’s population has blue eyes. And the only way for the remaining population to achieve the same eye color is via contact lenses or artificial iris implants. But that may change soon with new, innovative surgery. This procedure was developed by the company Stroma Medical and works by eliminating melanin – …


“I’m dying of heat” or “it’s too cold here” are two of the phrases that are about to end the bracelet created by a team of researchers at MIT. A team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a new product that promises to do away with the typical “I’m dying …


In addition to reproducing the music we like to hear, these new phones stimulate the brain to release dopamine, a hormone usually associated with pleasure and happiness. If you already enjoy pleasure simply when listening to good music, know that you will be able to feel even better with the new headphones created by an …


Battery technology for smartphones has not really seen any growth in recent years. Manufacturers are still using lithium ion batteries that have several limitations. However, according to the latest information coming from South Korea, Samsung may soon shake this department. The information states that Samsung has developed a new technology that uses graphene instead of …