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Who doesn’t want to know what their favorite celebrities are up to? We idolize them and want to know every detail of their daily routine. In this age of social media, we follow our favorite celebrities on Instagram and Snapchat in order to get regular updates regarding what they have been doing in their personal lives.

However, as with any individual, even celebrities try to portray a certain type of image to their fans. An image that is acceptable and alluring for their fans and followers. They also have a secret side which they would like to hide from the public view. From beating up bodyguards, engaging in threesomes inside a walk-in wardrobe, to losing money on online betting sites recommended by OCB, there are many celebrity secrets that shock their fans around the world.

Here are some lesser-known secrets of your favorite celebs from the past and present.

Threesome in a closet

After the death of the iconic British singer David Bowie, his longtime bodyguard spilled out a shocking secret about him. According to Stuart George, during the 1970s at an upscale hotel in New York, he was standing guard at the singer’s walk-in wardrobe, as Bowie and Mick Jagger indulged in a steamy threesome with a female British singer inside, believed to be a backup singer in Bowie’s entourage.

Source: Washington Post

Martial artist

While there have been many allegations against Michael Jackson regarding sexual harassment and pedophilia, his longtime bodyguard, Matt Fides claims that the late dancing legend was one of the best martial artists he had ever seen. Now that’s a surprise!

The royal secret

According to the interviews given by the former bodyguards of Prince Harry, he was obsessed with blondes. He also had a thing for nude partying as shown by pictures surfaced in 2012 where he was in a playful mood with the ladies during a vacation in Las Vegas.

Source: New Idea

Skimpily dressed

According to rumors, Jennifer Aniston loves romping around the house in underwear or less! Her bodyguards claim that they know about all the moles on her body!

Bidding war

According to Vanity Fair, Nicholas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio were once engaged in a bidding war for a Mongolian dinosaur skull, which was eventually won by the former, paying 276,000 dollars.

Golden bathtub

Boxing legend Mike Tyson reportedly spent 2.2 million dollars for a 24 karat gold bathtub for his mansion in Ohio.

Source: The Independent

Afraid of ghosts

Lady Gaga is apparently so afraid of ghosts that she has reportedly spent 50,000 dollars on an electromagnetic field meter to detect poltergeists.

Gambling addict

The lead star of the successful series Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen was addicted to online gambling. But has since toned down his addiction. He reportedly owns a slice in a well-known gambling site.

Blood necklaces

When Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie were dating, they were rumored to have vampiric tendencies. They believed that it would be romantic to smear each other’s blood on a locket and wear them around the neck.

Source: Getty Images

Dog mansions

Socialite Paris Hilton wanted her dogs to enjoy the same luxuries that she did. So she splurged 325,000 dollars on a two-storied dog villa, complete with chandeliers, furniture, and a balcony.


Director George Lucas reportedly owns a fire truck and employs firemen to be on standby in case of any unforeseen event.

A first-class hat

When U2 lead performer Bono landed in Italy to perform at a concert in 2003, he realized that he had left his favorite hat back in England. So he reportedly had his hat flown into Italy on a first-class seat, spending 1200 dollars.

Source: Time Magazine

Unusual pets

Nicholas Cage has a fancy of keeping unusual pets. He spent a whopping 150,000 for buying a pet octopus. He also had two Albino Cobras as pets, known to be one of the most venomous species of snakes. He, later on, donated them to a zoo.

Insured booty

Celebrities are known for ensuring body parts for crazy amounts. Rihanna’s legs are insured for 1 million dollars, while Dolly Parton’s boobs are insured for half a million dollars. Kylie Minogue’s butt is reportedly insured for 5 million dollars. But all of these are dwarfed by Julia Robert’s smile, which is reported to have been ensured for an eye-watering 30 million dollars.

Protecting the vocal cords

Celine Dion was scared that the dry desert air of Las Vegas, where she was staying for a 3-year residency, would damage her vocal cords. So she splurged 2 million dollars on a humidifier.

Source: Rolling Stone

Luxury Trumps

The current president of the USA was born into a wealthy family with a golden spoon. It’s probably from there where he got a penchant for gold. While he currently flies in the Air Force One, his own private Boeing 757 has gold plated seat belts, gold plated bath fittings, and golden walls in the master bedroom

Keeping an eye

While Katie Holmes was pregnant, her partner at the time Tom Cruise bought a sonogram machine so that he could watch their daughter Suri grow inside the womb daily. Now that’s a doting father!

A car covered in diamonds

Rapper The Game wanted to give something special to his son. So he bought a remote-controlled Bentley GT and completely covered it in diamonds, making it worth almost a 100,000 dollars. Now that’s a helluva gift!

Source: Know Networth

Owning the bling

If you think owning a diamond-encrusted car is excessive, you might be surprised to know that singer Akon reportedly owns a diamond mine in South Africa. Now that’s some serious cash to invest in some Bling!

The typewriter

Hollywood star Tom Hanks is an avid collector of vintage typewriters and reportedly owns more than 250 of them, of almost every makes. He makes it a point to use at least one of them daily because they sound so nice. He reportedly gifted one typewriter to a fan instead of writing an autograph, because `it is way cooler´.

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