Chadwick Boseman abdicated part of the salary to raise Sienna Miller


The world has not yet overcome the loss of actor Chadwick Boseman, who passed away in early September leaving the world of Hollywood in shock, not only because he was a very young actor, but due to the generosity that was recognized for him.

We recently brought you the testimony of colleagues who worked with Boseman on Black Panther and remember his work with children, and now it was Sienna Miller, who worked alongside him on 21 Bridges, who told how Chadwick abdicated part of his salary so that she received what he believed to be fair.

In an interview with Empire magazineMiller recalls how Boseman became personally involved with the aim of increasing his colleague’s salary, even going so far as to accept cutting part of his own pay.

Miller recalls how she hesitated to participate in the project, saying that she was exhausted at the time, and Boseman eventually convinced her, as an avowed fan of her work, to take over from Frankie Burns,

“We are talking about a high-budget film, I know everyone knows the pay gap in Hollywood, I asked for a number that the studio was not willing to come up with,” said Miller. “Chadwick ended up donating part of his salary so I could get to the number I asked for. He said it was what I deserved to receive.”

“It was one of the most incredible things I have experienced. These kinds of things just don’t happen.”

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