Movie theaters IN announcing the reopening, a discount ticket


After a long period of closure, as a result of the quarantine, global, imposed on them by the pandemic, the COVID-19, and consequently the stopping of most of the productions of Hollywood, to the halls movie Theaters IN the announced re-opening for this weekend on Thursday the 2nd of July.

The decision is in line with the gradual return to the possibility of “normality” with which the Uk has committed to, complying with, obviously, a new set of safety rules designed for the business of the Film.

The guidelines include the use of the beds rotate and the desencontrados in a “zig-zag” in order to ensure the separation of the social from the people, the sessions are more spaced out, to ensure that the disinfection of the rooms between the exhibition, the mandatory use of face mask by the customers and the employees of the movie Theaters in the US and in the determination of the specific locations for the input and the output, with the availability of the disinfectant at various points along the way.

With the large-scale re-the way, the leaders of the US, expect to be able to give you a warm welcome to the hungry, lovers to the cinema in the Uk, having already taken a book of the new developments expected to come together reestreias as special as some of the films of Christopher Nolan, in preparation for the opening of the Tenet.

It is advisable to purchase tickets online in order to limit as much as possible to the contact, but in the traditional areas of the crowd, and the bar will comply with all the safety measures, the installation of, for example, the panels are made of acrylic between the customer and the employee.

Discounts on to encourage the return of the movie

There’s a poster who starts off shy but it promises to speed quickly with the return of the large – scale production is done in an effort to promote the return of persons to the premises. Until this day, the 22nd July, ticket prices will be low, costing as little as €5 for a regular and $ 7 for the special exhibits, such as IMAX, XVision, or 4DX.

The rooms WE reopen on the 2nd of July, with the premiere of The Truth, the Agent of Super-Secret, I the Company’s, Freaks, Martin Eden, The Paradise, is Probably going to be The Rececionista. For more details, please visit the official website.

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