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Accessories used the right way can truly enhance an outfit. It is very important to use them wisely. The experts at Adina’s Jewels share a few tips about accessorizing. These tips will help one be confident in their look and ensure that they not only maximize their fashion potential but are also comfortable.

Arm Wear is a Must

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The arms are underutilized when it comes to fashion. Bracelets, cuffs, upper arm bands, and other pieces can be powerful compliments to any outfit. Take a little time to explore the options and go with something that fits the occasion as well as the theme of what is being worn.

Choose the Right Bag

A handbag, when used correctly, can be a major focal point. This isn’t necessarily about the brand name of the bag, but the size of the bag can be used to compliment a variety of outfits. Consider a small bag for minimal wear. Then, if wearing layers such as a scarf, sweater, and jacket, a larger bag can be a great match.

Match the Shoes to Outfit

Shoes can make a statement. A basic rule of thumb is to wear simple shoe colors and styles when wearing bold or patterned clothing. Then, on the other hand, when wearing a simple outfit, consider an eye-catching pair of shoes. This will ensure that nothing clashes.

Too Many Metals

It can be tempting to wear all of the favorites at once, be careful not to mix too many different metals. Gold and silver can be used together, but it is best to stack them or limit to a single piece. Be mindful of zippers, buttons and other features too. Everything needs to come together.

Comfortable Shoes

While shoes are an important accessory, they don’t serve much good if there is pain involved. In fact, wearing the wrong shoes can cause injury over time. Always make sure shoes are comfortable, exploring insoles or other options if possible.

Change Earrings

It is easy to get hooked on one favorite pair of earrings. Remember, wearing the same ones consistently will take away from their appeal. Change them up regularly, to match the outfit and occasion.

Follow these ladies’ fashion guidelines and be confident that a memorable impression will be made at the next event. To shop Adina’s Jewels, click here. There is something for every possible style and occasion.

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