Cobra Kai Season 3 Clip: Chozen Teases Miyagi Secrets to Daniel


Cobra Kai Season 3’s arrival is nigh, mercifully ending the twenty lengthy, finally pandemic-permeated months that handed since Season 2; a hiatus not too long ago made barely shorter by new platform Netflix, which moved up the premiere to New Year’s Day. However, that hasn’t stopped the streamer’s inflow of extra thrilling preview materials, particularly new footage that sheds gentle on a probably explosive narrative teased in a single of the earlier clips, targeted on a probably sinister secret that the late Mr. Miyagi hid from Daniel.

We’ve identified for a while now that Cobra Kai’s third season will delve into the sequel aspect of its cinematic roots by having Daniel return to the Okinawa setting of 1986’s The Karate Kid Part II—this time having skipped a repeat shoot in Hawaii for precise filming within the southern Japanese island prefecture—together with the return of two key characters from that movie, Daniel’s principal antagonist, Chozen (Yuji Okumoto), and love curiosity Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita). Yet, the brand new clip has answered (and arguably spoiled) one of the most important questions raised in Season 3’s preview ephemera, which requested if the belligerent, fight-to-the-death-challenging Chozen has turned over a brand new leaf? Well, based mostly on this clip (seen slightly below), the reply is “hai” (“yes”).

As star Ralph Macchio revealed to EW, Daniel’s return to Okinawa is a two-episode odyssey spanning Season 3’s fourth and fifth episodes, facilitated by a visit to Japan, the place he hopes to safe traders to avoid wasting his struggling auto dealership. As the clip makes evident, Daniel and Chozen appear to be getting pleasant(ish) inside what seems to be a rebuilt Miyagi household dojo—a spot that Chozen and his thuggish pals wantonly wrecked in Part II. Yet, it appears that evidently Chozen’s array of unsavory habits—be it bullying folks, defrauding poor villagers with overcharged greens, to not honoring his personal bets—had been successfully drum-punched out of him throughout the movie-climactic duel with Daniel. Thus, we see the 2 former rivals (who, within the trailer, had been seen having a sparring session,) share a second that acknowledges their respective roles within the legacy of Miyagi-Do karate, with Daniel clearly having discovered the artwork from de facto father Mr. Miyagi, and Chozen having discovered it from his uncle, Sato, who was taught by Miyagi’s personal sensei father; one thing that, as Daniel factors out, basically makes them “karate cousins.”

However, Chozen’s obvious face activate Cobra Kai additionally comes with some intriguing dimensions, and we see proof of lingering pressure when Daniel’s act of reaching for one more apparently-ancient merchandise from the Miyagi-do archives is met with a well-known aggressive interjection of “oi!” from Chozen, who instantly snatches it from Daniel’s hand, saying that it’s “not for you,” since he’s a “foreigner.” Of course, as Daniel retorts to Chozen, Mr. Miyagi was additionally like a father to him, embodying a paternal dynamic that was a central theme poetically in Part II, which introduced Miyagi and Daniel to Okinawa to go to the previous’s dying father.

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