Cuphead’s Latest Content Could Be Introduced At E3

Last year was a pretty big one for Studio MDHR. After what seemed like an eternity with its numerous delays, Cuphead finally released last September and became one of the year’s biggest surprises, a run-and-gun shooter packed with amazing 1930’s inspired animation and music.

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But what’s even more shocking is that there could be more where that came from. While Microsoft hasn’t confirmed what it’ll be showcasing at its E3 event in a couple of weeks, it appears that Cuphead could be making some kind of appearance with a potential new downloadable content announcement.

This is based on an interesting theory from Hardcore Gamer. Though it’s not 100 percent confirmed just yet it sounds like Studio MDHR is planning something for the big show.

First up, there’s Studio MDHR’s comments from back in November, in which producer Maja Moldenhauer hinted that new Cuphead adventures could be coming down the line. This could be in the form of new Mugman single player stages, though the option to play in co-op would likely be added.

But it’s what came next that gets really interesting. Funko recently confirmed that it will be in attendance at E3 with some exclusive swag for consumers to purchase. Among these are a mystery Cuphead tee that the company hasn’t shown off yet. Why it’s being hidden in mystery is beyond us, unless it’s got a design featuring a new boss character (or possible Cuphead assistant) from the game.

To add to that, during a recent Funko podcast, the team talked about the shirt but explained that its design is “top secret.” It’s around the 32-minute mark in the episode if you want to hear it for yourself. No specific information, but it’s something.

For all we know Funko’s shirt design could just a brand new design around the game in general and not, specifically, around new DLC content. But we can’t help but ponder, especially since the original game was so much damn fun to play. We’ll let you know whatever Microsoft and Studio MDHR have in mind when it’s announced.

Cuphead is available now for Xbox One and Steam.

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