David Harbour Conquers God of War, Destroys Controller

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We’ve seen some pretty awesome God of War videos thus far, mainly consisting of gameplay and talking more about the lore surrounding the mighty Kratos. But GameSpot just posted a real doozy, as a familiar star of Stranger Things has been invited to give the game a shot – with powerful results.

David Harbour, who’s been a “longtime franchise fan” (according to the website), was recently invited by GameSpot’s Lucy James and SIE Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog to give the game a play through. And the results are pretty damn awesome, to say the least.

The full playthrough isn’t included, obviously, mainly because to avoid spoilers and to give players the experience they deserve. But we do see highlights, with Harbour asking questions to Barlog about the journey of Kratos and his son Atreus, as well as certain aspects of the gameplay.

While the crew drank coffee out of “weird mugs” and talked about the game, some great in-game moments popped up, getting Harbour even more enthused about the game.

But, really, it’s all about the finish (after defeating a rather large troll), as Harbour declared himself the true god of war and left his mark – literally. “Yes!” he screamed. “I am the God of War! I am the God of War!” And, from there, he throws his controller on the ground, basically damaging it to the point that a new controller was needed to finish the game.

It’s a pretty triumphant moment, even if that means the destruction of a DualShock 4 controller. Fortunately, another one was on hand, and the video closes with Harbour continuing to play. Needless to say, he’ll probably be getting his hands on a copy of the game just like the rest of us – and maybe a Nerf stress toy to assure the controller survives the playthrough.

It’s a fun video to watch, and you can see the whole thing above to see how it goes down. It’s great to see Harbour’s passion, and has us thinking – shouldn’t he try to play Kratos at some point? In a movie, maybe? Ah, well, he’s got Hellboy coming up in the meantime.

God of War will release on April 20 for PlayStation 4.

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