Donald Trump Calls Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron ‘A Star’ Following His Handling Of Breonna Taylor Case


As cities across the nation gear up for protests calling for the justice of Breonna Taylor following Wednesday’s unfavorable grand jury decision, Donald Trump held a press conference to address a number of issues.

Donald Trump revealed he had been briefed of what was going on in Louisville, Kentucky, and heard the news that the grand jury in Breonna Taylor’s case decided to indict only one of the three officers on charges of “wanton endangerment.”

Reporters asked for Trump’s response in regard to the verdict and how many were disappointed by it. Trump began by praising Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who has led this investigation, for his handling of the case.

“Daniel Cameron is doing a fantastic job. I think he’s a star,” Trump said. “And he made a statement that I’ll just read, ‘justice is not often easy. It does not fit the mold of public opinion and it does not conform to shifting standards. It answers only to the facts and to the law. If we simply act on emotion or outrage, there’s no justice. Mob justice is not justice. Justice sought by violence is not justice. It just becomes revenge.’…I think it was a terrific statement.”

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron opened his press conference with the following statement:

“Every day this family wakes up to the realization that someone they loved is no longer with them. In this case, a human life was lost. We cannot forget that. My job as the special prosecutor in this case was to put emotions aside and investigate the facts to determine if criminal violations of state law resulted in the loss of Ms. Taylor’s life.”

Cameron continued, adding:

“Our investigation found that Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in their use of force after having been fired upon by Kenneth Walker. Six bullets struck Ms. Taylor and… only one shot was fatal… [Ms. Taylor] would have died within a few seconds to two minutes.”

He also commented on Brett Hankison being indicted on one count of “wanton endangerment,” saying “My office is prepared to prove these charges at trial. However, it’s important to note he is presumed innocent until proven guilty.” If convicted, Hankison could serve between one to five years in prison.

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