Drink 3 coffees per day (risk outweighs)


A recently published study demystified the idea that consuming three cups of coffee per day is associated with a deterioration in health. Caffeine consumption, on the other hand, translates into an increase in short- and long-term health benefits.

Consumption of three to four cups of coffee per day is associated with a lower likelihood of developing cardiovascular problems , such as heart attacks or strokes, and liver disease , such as cirrhosis.

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The study, published this week in the British Medical Journal , claims that the risk of developing heart disease is 19 percent lower in people who consume coffee regularly.

However, consumption should not be overstated , and should be adjusted to the health condition of each particular consumer. In the case of pregnant women, for example, caffeine intake should not exceed 200mg per day, ie about two cups of coffee.

According to the BBC , the study brings together a statistical analysis of 218 previous researches – which presented about 70 distinct results – and was conducted at the medical college of the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom.

The research, by Robin Poole , a health expert, reveals that, despite this correlation, it is not possible to say that coffee is primarily responsible for the lower incidence of diseases. Factors such as age, smoking, and physical exercise can have an effect on people’s health.

Professor Paul Roderick , co-author of the study, argues, however, that “the benefits of moderate coffee consumption seem to outweigh the risks .”

Researchers admit that it is difficult to pinpoint the impact of coffee on people’s health . So far, they have been positive associations between those who drink coffee and the incidence of certain diseases compared to those who do not consume or consume less.

Eliseo Guallar , a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health , is restrained by the results, and notes that the effects of large amounts of caffeine are still uncertain .

“Moderate consumption seems to be remarkably safe, and can be incorporated as part of a healthy diet by the majority of the adult population,” he concludes.

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