Early Rampage Movie Reviews Suggest a Fun Monster Ride With The Rock

Warner Bros.’ big-screen adaptation of the film Rampage drops in a couple of days, and there’s some early promise that it could be one of the most popular video game-to-film adaptations to date. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson front and center in the film.

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Early reviews for the movie have already started to appear online, and while it currently holds a mixed 50 percent rating over at Rotten Tomatoes, most people believe it’s a big, fun monster ride – pretty much what director Brad Peyton and company intended.

For instance, Sara Stewart of the New York Post notes, “It’s big, bloated and if you give in to the familiar charms of its jacked leading man, not unenjoyable.”

But others have given it stronger praise, with A.A. Dowd of the A.V. Club saying, “It’s hard to deny that, as B-movie diversion, Rampage often delivers.”

Chris Kilmek of NPR followed suit, noting, “Rampage is the kind of fearless, discomforting art that wrestles with our place in the cosmos like Steve Irwin wrestling a crocodile.”

That said, some reviews have been critical, noting that the movie might be too mindless. For instance, Dan Callahan of The Wrap noted, “This film is based on an arcade video game that featured large-sized creatures knocking down buildings and running amok, but that basic idea has been swamped here by too many convoluted plot lines and extraneous characters.”

Likewise, David Enrlich of IndieWire stated, “No satisfying action beats, no memorable images, and so little to say that it’s virtually impossible to say anything about it in return. It’s not a movie for critics, that much is clear. The problem is that it’s not for anyone else, either.”

But the consensus of many fans says otherwise, as many feel that it’s a monstrous extravaganza, and just the thing to get them ready for summer. And no one probably could say it better than Sandy Schaefer of ScreenRant, who notes, “Rampage doesn’t blend action, comedy and heart as well as The Rock’s best tentpoles, but there’s good dunderheaded fun to be had here.”

So if it’s a monstrously good time you’re looking for, Rampage might just be the hot ticket to go after. It’ll certainly fare better than Doom, now won’t it?

Rampage hits theaters this Friday, April 13.

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