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Whatcould they have done something to Tyrion and Cersei to educate Joffrey and who was not a king monstrous? The assay of this week, the work of our friend Stefan Sasse and originally published in The nerdstream was, poses for us if it had been possible one of the What Ifs most curious saga.

A question that came up while listening NotACast was chow demons could Joffrey be educated by the two brothers misfits if they had more capacity for self-reflection and cooperation. It is something difficult, I know, but it reminds me of my thesis about how Tyrion and Tywin could have been carried well. Yes, it’s improbable, and yes, it would be a different story, but how it might have worked if you were both for the work?

In NotACast commented about how Tyrion threatened Joffrey with Cersei, which helps the guy to rectify. However, also explain that the own Cersei is a horrible human being, and that Tyrion encourages the wrath of his nephew in this humiliation semi-public to Joffrey. It all started with the famous punch in Invernalia, so that thereafter all will be against Tyrion. For this there is calm with this, is what I say. So, what could he have done better?

The first important aspect is that Cersei is up to the car. Tyrion needs to talk with her about this in political issues. Show the problems that Joffrey is creating, how it will be seen as an Aerys III, as Tyrion has seen the same thing. Have a conversation aborted on this one time, when Cersei we see a problem with a “Joffrey does not listen to me”, but that obviously is not true. Joffrey actually afraid of the reaction of Cersei, and they need to use that.

This means that Tyrion is pointing at this problem from the wrong angle. He says to Cersei that will make Joffrey the issue, because Joffrey doesn’t know that Tyrion will not smite you, but that is a really bad idea. The other option is much better. We’ll see how this works soon, but let’s stay a bit with Cersei.

In Clash of Kings she is desperate in regard to Joffrey. It is evident that she has completely lost control over the boy, and she correctly fears that can do it. However, being Cersei, can’t admit this to anyone, and much less to Tyrion. So instead of taking the last samples of respect to Joffrey to Cersei – the fear of punishment from his mother – Tyrion should rely on it and leave that part for her. She is the lioness in the end, who should be feared. Tyrion is afraid of Cersei, isn’t it? That message is one that must be faced.

Your role should be that of adviser, not a whip. He is the “half man”, the one who thinks about things and is a little man and you can tell the king that evil which makes him to appear before the herd when it hurts a girl because Tyrion is so little a man that you don’t understand in any case the impulses of Joffrey. Better that than embarrass you in front of your football team. It is a division of labor that actually works for Cersei. Requires a humiliation for Tyrion, but he should follow his advice to Jon and be a price worth paying.

Now that hypothetically Cersei has bought this, what do we do after? We have a discussion about Joffrey under six eyes. Instead of embarrassing them publicly, and forcing him to be thrown back in front of all the suffering the insubordination of Sandor Clegane of all people, should go to a private site.

Here, Cersei would be the cop’s hand and Tyrion the good cop. She could even leave outraged of the room sometimes. Then Tyrion would be the good cop and explain to Joffrey how you can avoid the emotions of women. “Things of women, you know, Joffrey, you’re a guy ready, you can be more ready than mom”. You just have to pretend. Is an inverted version of a genre of “wait till your father gets home”.

Well, Joffrey is not exactly the type of person who accepts those councils easily, but I think that might be more open if it was not presented as a defeat to your audience, to say the least. Probably the result would be that torturaría in private to Sansa from now or something like that, but there is at least some hope of making it to Joffrey just a little less frightening.

Of course, this is not a permanent solution. However, we can see the seed of one in the Torment of Swords when Tywin and Jaime return to Disembarkation of the King.

Tywin promises “a hard lesson” for Joffrey. I’m not entirely convinced that this would have really worked, but at the point that is Joffrey, would not have made things worse. Joffrey has a medium heinous to his grandfather, so there is a possibility noteworthy. I don’t approve those educational methods, but con Joffrey everything is better than the status quo.

But even more interesting is the approach of Jaime. Don’t we see him interact with Joffrey, but when he meets up with his brothers in their first official meeting, makes it very clear what is philosophy: “The king is eight years old. Our first task is to protect you, including protecting you from yourself. Use that ugly thing that you have inside the hull. If Tommen wants you to ensilléis your horse, so keep your duty. If I said that kill his horse, come to me.”

In NotACast emphasize – correctly, I add – that the failure of the elites to act is the real problem, and Joffrey is only a symptom. And to be fair, Jaime realizes this and begins to reform the institution in which you can with the limited capabilities that it has. Tyrion never does that. It is one of the many flaws that have: his vision for reform is virtually non-existent. He works within the system, you try to adapt it for your benefit. Jaime, having the advantage of being totally disinterested in power, you can (almost absurd) to do this better.

And this is the approach that is needed. The social circle of Joffrey to complete must be be instilled about his sadism. The Royal Guard especially, but also all the sycophants of the court, should be aware that all the favors come from the Queen Regent and the Hand, and that the king is not likely to remember a disgraced member of the court in three years. Tyrion and Cersei need to ingratiate themselves with these people and to be much more proactive in cleaning them.

Therefore, that Boros Blount and Meryn Trant will take care of the turn of nochand to ensure the king. We encourage the best angles of Arys Oakheart and Balon Swann giving them all the support of the Privy Council to be straightened and quit your reluctance is inherent to follow the orders of Joffrey.

We get rid of all the sycophants of the court to be possible, and we put around Joffrey to people who are more interested in the favor of Cersei and Tywin (by proximity, Tyrion), that of Joffrey. This obviously works well for Cersei in Feast of Crows, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find those idiots who want to please her instead of Joffry.

Stripped of its audience and socially isolated, Joffrey would need to adapt. And he is absolutely prepared for this: we can see in Game of Thrones, because despite all his faults, Barristan Selmy and Robert Baratheon, Renly Baratheon and Jon Arryn certainly not allow Joffrey to break his facade so openly.

What Tyrion and Cersei need to do is bring to the fore a new facade. Not the best of solutions, but it is much better that what we have between hands into a Clash of Kings and Feast of Crows.

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