Fans React to Possible New Map Sighting

Earlier this evening, we posted a story about Epic Games teasing something new for its mega-hit Fortnite, in the form of an image that showed a player making a journey to China sometime next week.

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Now, the image didn’t make it clear what was happening, but there are two possibilities. One, the game will finally make its way to China, opening up a whole new audience for the worldwide phenomenon. Or, two, we could be looking at the introduction of a new map starting on April 23.

Of course, a lot of players are thrilled with the idea of seeing a new map, but some are speculating that it’s merely a tease for the Chinese game release. We’ve collected some of the best reactions to the story below, and you can be the judge in terms of which way the fans are leaning:

A Twitter user (without a profile picture, natch) named Kai Matsunami has suggested first images for the map, but they’re taken from the game’s Replay Mode, and, well, they’re questionable:

Most everyone assumes that this just means the game is coming to China. A user named GGFroste actually seems excited by the idea that Chinese gamers will soon be able to check the game out, if it’s true:

Colonel Mustang is optimistic for a new map, but is a bit weary if the game is introduced to a new audience:

TripleGlockem is pretty convinced the new map isn’t happening:

Im Goated (another great name) suggests that the forthcoming meteor shower will destroy the Tilted Towers and the current map, with a new one in China taking its place:

Geralda believes a China-based audience will push Fortnite to even further heights:

Gamespot feels that the game is officially making its China debut, and while that will expand its audience, there could be questionable things about hacking:

And last but not least, Zeno (Hive) believes the new map is simply a look at the forthcoming Beijing Convention Center:

So which is it? It looks like we’ll find out in a few days. But whatever it is, it’s going to be huge for Fortnite, whether it is a new map or a new audience.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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