Fear Of Rain Was ‘Eye-Opening’ Experience For Star Madison Iseman


“There was a lot of research that came into it and just a lot of getting ready for it, just to carry on such a load of a character,” explains the actress, who’s additionally starred within the final two Jumanji films. “I sort of just fell in love with Rain’s heart from the beginning, when I first read the script, her strength and her courage, and just how she perseveres through no one really believing her. I just felt really connected with her, and was jumping at the opportunity to get to play her.”

Broussard — greatest recognized to audiences for his work within the two Happy Death Day films — explains the angle he took with the character of Caleb.

“I really liked how endearing Caleb was and I liked how he was willing to support Rain throughout all this — and at the same time, keep who he was,” he says. “As far as preparing, I just had to go over my lines and talk, not as fast as I could, but he’s kind of an intellectual character so I wanted to tap into that a little bit. So I rehearsed everything on my own just to make sure that everything was flowing smoothly out of my mouth, as far as my lines.”

Iseman says that one of the largest surprises for her in making the movie was realizing simply how little she knew concerning the nature of schizophrenia — an sickness that’s typically confused with dissociative character dysfunction (sustaining a number of separate personalities) however in actuality is kind of completely different.

“The whole entire experience was completely eye-opening as far as how little I knew before this project, which was interesting,” says Iseman. “So the entire thing has just been a complete learning experience. For me, I watched so many videos and just anything I could get my hands on, but my Bible throughout everything was a memoir by Elyn Saks called The Center Cannot Hold. Which for me, I think was the greatest outlet, just because it explained her experience, being a woman with schizophrenia, from a young child up into adulthood.”

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